Spring Project List

After hibernating all winter, I’m ready to start working on projects again! I have been feeling a little bored and stir crazy these last couple of weeks and I think it’s from the lack of large projects. I took up latch hooking (and then promptly forgot about it), rearranged my office (and then craft supplies exploded all over it again while painting Trudy), and was cooking a lot for the Whole30 (and then returned to eating take out and trash)I love working on big furniture pieces and tearing walls and ceilings apart for big impact projects but with my basement full of my porch furniture and the garage filled with melting snow and freezing temps, I haven’t had anywhere to work. Also, blankets and fires just seemed like the right choice for a couple months. Now that it is warming up a bit, I’m ready to get to work and could use some advice from the internet if you’ve got any suggestions. Here’s my current spring project list.

Build a DIY driveway gate

converting a four foot chainlink fence to a six foot wood fence

Last fall, I converted my chainlink fence to a wood fence and then ran out of time/money to finish the gate across the driveway. This is a priority for the spring because I want Freddie to be able to run around free in the yard. The current plan is to build a two-part gate that meets in the middle of the driveway and has little wheels to help it swing along the ground easily. I’ll be attaching the left side to the end post from the fence and the right side will tie into the deck that I refinished last summer. I need to add some extra supports/strength to the deck post near the house so hopefully, the gate won’t cause the whole deck to collapse.

Have you built a driveway gate? Anything I need to look out for?

Grow my front lawn

I tore out my front lawn last fall and added a zillion bags of dirt to level it out. Then, I planted grass seed and winter came early. The grass is super patchy, so I’ll need to add a bunch more seed, and probably some more dirt, this spring. I’ll take any lawn growing tips because I also need to tear out my backyard and grow a new one this fall or next spring.

Does anyone know the right time to throw down more grass seed in Cleveland in the spring?

Plant Costco bulbs

I bought a ton of bulbs at Costco a few weeks ago and they are supposed to go in the ground in May. I need to come up with a loose plan for where they will all go so I’ll be prepared to get plantin’ when I get back from Greece mid-May. Note: I, of course, have a floral/landscaping color palette and it does NOT include red, orange, or yellow. 

No real questions here, I can always move the bulbs if I don’t like where they are.

Replace tree lawn tree

Image via The Crape Myrtle Company

The city planted a tree on my tree lawn last spring and I was terrible at watering it, so its dead now. I’d love to replace it with a bright pink/purple-y Crape Myrtle tree. There is a huge gorgeous Crape Myrtle on Woodward in Lakewood, so I know they can survive the Cleveland weather. I’d like to find one locally, but I have also started looking for Crape Myrtles online.

Does anyone from Cleveland know if Petitti’s or another garden place sells Crape Myrtle trees?

Sand and reseal DIY concrete kitchen counters

DIY feather finish concrete over tile counters

After a year or two of aggressive use and cat claws, the kitchen counters could use some sprucing up. I definitely have no regrets about covering that hideous tile with concrete, and I’m hoping a light sanding and maybe a little patching to cover some oil spots, then resealing the whole thing will have them looking fresh. I used TileLab Gloss sealer for the first round. Of course, I have dreams and plans for a new kitchen, but making the most of what I have is the name of the game for the foreseeable future.

Any recommendations for a new type of sealer I should try?

Or if any local contractors or cabinet manufacturers want to collaborate on a kitchen, I’m all ears.

Add a man door and windows to the garage

I have a 1.5 car garage and it doesn’t have any windows or doors other than the main garage door. This wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t refinish furniture in the garage. Opening and closing the main garage door brings a lot of dust into the garage and messes with the perfect finish I require for all paint, stain, and sealer. Ideally, I’d like to install one man door, and three windows to create a cross breeze. I’m shooting for two windows on my yard side and one skinny window higher up on the other side of the garage. My garage isn’t in the best of shape though, so I’m a little worried that cutting a bunch of holes into it will cause the entire structure to collapse.

Have you installed windows or doors in your garage? Or, anywhere? Hit me with the tips.

Spring dream: install a plunge pool

Image via Pinterest

My ultimate spring project dream is to install a plunge pool in my backyard. A plunge pool is essentially a tiny pool that you use to cool off in the summer. Some professional plunge pools also function as hot tubs in the winter, which would be amazing. I talked with Dan from Dan Guardo Concrete Construction at the Cleveland Home and Garden show and he didn’t think a plunge pool in a tiny Lakewood, Ohio backyard was the worst idea he’s ever heard. So I’m feeling very encouraged. I’m considering digging a hole myself, smearing concrete all over it, then sticking a hose in it. Seems super legit.

Have you been in a plunge pool? Are they cool or terrible?

I’d appreciate any advice you have on my spring project list! Do you go a little crazy at the end of winter and come up with a huge list of spring projects?

Spring Project List


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