Obsessions: 12.22.17

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Everyone enjoying the holiday season? Even though we’ve been frantically finishing up our shopping and wrapping gifts, we’ve still got time for our weekly And Then We Tried obsessions. We’ll never forget about you all!


Lauren Vandevier Tattoos

Lauren Vandevier Tattoos Cleveland

I have been obsessed with Lauren’s tattoos for a while and yesterday she opened up her booking again. It is SUPER HARD to get an appointment with her, especially if you are a new customer, so I begged my sisters and brother-in-law to call in for me to try to get me on the schedule, AND I GOT IN!!! Last time I tried to get an appointment I called for 27 minutes straight as soon as booking opened and the line was always busy, then by minute 28, she was fully booked up. I’ll be getting my pets tattooed on my forearms in April and can’t wait! Thanks to sister-of-the-blog Katie for securing this appointment, I feel like I won the lottery!


Christmas Fireplace Decorations

When I bought my house, the home inspector said there wasn’t a damper on the fireplace and that I should get that looked at, so last year I had a fireplace guy come out to give me an estimate for installing one. He crushed my dreams by telling me that the fireplace tile liner was too small to properly allow for smoke to leave the house and I accepted that I could just never have a fire. UNTIL NOW. Last week, I made a fire using a Duraflame log because they have a little less smoke and it worked out just fine, so now I can’t stop. I opened a bunch of windows just in case I was about to die from smoke inhalation and none of the smoke seemed to be coming back into the house. I’ve started experimenting with putting real wood on the fire and that seems to be working too. Yay for being cozy all winter long!


Clutch Amazon Find

Obsessions Amazon shirtForget all the cute tops I attempt to buy, all I want are hella soft t-shirts every day. I ordered this t-shirt earlier this week to stick another patch on. Once it arrived, it was so soft I couldn’t make myself take it off to add the patch so now I’m just wearing it 24/7. Super cheap, and free returns? Doesn’t get any better.

*FYI, I ordered a medium

ABLE Jewelry

Obsessions Plateau ring

We’ve raved about ABLE before on our HBIC gift guide, but they really are a company that we love. They create quality products while also creating jobs for women lacking opportunity. And, thankfully for me, they carry a variety of rings in size 9. I have some chubby fingers and it’s so hard to find rings that don’t look like I’m stuffing my fingers in. I ordered the Plateau ring and the Arch ring (which is on super sale right now) which both just arrived and are super cute. I’ll be in the Nashville area next week and plan to stop by their flagship store. I am so excited.

*Shameless self-promotion to use our referral code so they know who sent you!


Fires in the Fireplace

wood burning fire fireplace christmas

Now that it’s officially winter in Cleveland, all I want to do is build a fire every day. Our old house has a functional wood-burning fireplace and I’ve been building a fire most days after work. Throw in a Christmas movie and some hot chocolate and you’ve got the perfect evening!

My Christmas Playlist

If I’m not watching Christmas movies by the fire, I’m listening to my Christmas playlist. TBH it’s mostly a cappella (not sorry) but if you’re looking for some different Christmas music, check it out! (Best enjoyed on shuffle)

This has been another week of And Then We Tried Obsessions, where we share whatever we’re obsessed with each week. Let us know what you’re obsessed with this week in the comments and if you see anything in the wild that you think we’d be obsessed with, be sure to tag us @andthenwetried or use #ATWTobsessions

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