Obsessions: 05.05.17

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and then we tried obsessions 5. 5

We’re introducing a new series today: Obsessions. We tend to get obsessed with things pretty easily around here, so we’ll be checking in to share what we’re into lately and give you updates on some of the (many) projects we’re working on. Here’s what we’re obsessed with this week. Be sure to let us know what you’re obsessing over in the comments!


Happiest DIY of the Week

The award for this week’s happiest DIY goes to my seven-year-old cousin who added googly eyes and smiles to these tulips:

Make a Tulip Smile DIY

It is VERY important that you use glitter glue to attach the googly eyes

Crystal Palace Update

Last weekend I worked with my mom to repair a few sections on my garage where the terrible MDF siding started to fall apart. I used Bondo to fill several holes and got a composite decking board to run along the base of the back side. Note: I usually ignore the warnings to use things in a well-ventilated area, but DAMN, use Bondo in a well-ventilated area, this stuff smells STRONG. I still need to add one more 1 x 10ish board above the composite piece, this 1 x 10 wood board will get painted to match the garage and will cover up that chewed up area that was rotting under the dirt for probably 12 years. Hopefully, it stops raining this weekend so I can get some more done. These updates aren’t very exciting, and definitely aren’t great to look at, but they should help keep the garage standing for another couple of years! Future garage plans include adding a few windows and a door for some ventilation when I’m working on projects inside.


All of my products ran out at the same time, which was an excellent excuse to buy all new stuff to try out. I have a new oil cleanser, second cleanser, toner, eye cream, Vitamin C, retinol, snail ampoule, hand cream, and sparkly leg lotion coming in the mail this week. Look out! Anyone interested in seeing a full review of my elaborate routine? If you say no, too bad, I’m gonna do it anyways. I’ve converted Hannah to my half-assed Korean beauty routine, so you best believe I’ll be recruiting you all next. Also, hit me up with your product recommendations, I’m clearly always down to slather some new stuff on my face and I’m in the market for a new moisturizer with SPF.


Putting pom poms on EVERYTHING

I can’t stop—see proof. This pom pom maker from Amazon has made it too easy to get these fluffy balls onto everything I own. But other people seem to be equally into it.

pom pom obsession

1 Pom Pom Sandals

2 Pom Pom Belly Basket

3 Pom Pom Pillow


Now Listening

Rainbow Kitten Surprise came up in my Discover Weekly on Spotify a few weeks ago, and I’m really into them. First Class has been stuck in my head for days.

Now Reading

Columbine by Dave Cullen (I’m reading the Kindle version). It’s interesting but bleak. I’ll need to find something else for reading pool/oceanside while in Mexico. Any recommendations?

If for some reason you aren’t on the Kindle bandwagon yet, it’s time to join us. I love a traditional book as much as the next girl, but having access to a ton of books while only having to carry one little tablet is too convenient. Plus, when you download the app, your books sync across devices so you can catch up from your phone when you leave your Kindle at home.

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