Obsessions: 10.19.18

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and then we tried obsessions 10.19.18

You wanna know what we have been decidedly NOT obsessed with in the past month? The blog. Womp womp. We’re hopping back in this week, but we’ll be posting a bit more sporadically for a while. Here’s hoping you all loved getting caught up on Michelle’s driveway gate plans yesterday. See what else we’ve been obsessed with in this week’s And Then We Tried Obsessions below.


Leopard Print Block Heel Ankle Boots

If you follow along on Instagram Stories, you’ve already seen my new boots, but in case you haven’t BASK IN THEIR SPLENDOR.

Sam Edelman Taye Leopard Print Boot

I love these babies. I saw a similar pair in The Everygirl editor’s fall wardrobe post and was feeling verryyyyyyy shoppy in the last couple weeks, thanks Venus. I bought the Asos pair they linked to in a couple sizes but I had my heart set on this pair from Sam Edelman from a year or two ago that is virtually nowhere to be found online. Enter, the last pair on The Outnet. In a 7.5 regular which I knew going in would be too small, but I am very determined.

They arrived along with the other million things I bought online and the Sam Edelman pair were OBVIOUSLY way better than the Asos pair, so I got to researching how to stretch out calf hair boots. Turns out you just need to warm those puppies up with a hair dryer (or your under-desk space heater) and wiggle your feet around until they stretch. TYSM internet and TYSM boots.

If you love the Sam Edelman version, they are still available in a size 6 on Amazon, but they are $180. Be advised.

The Asos pair is available and is $67. They are also v. cute, I am just obnoxious and neeeeeded the Sam Edelman version.



Florence and the Machine High as Hope

After seeing Florence and the Machine a couple years ago at the Hollywood Bowl—which was hands down the best concert I’ve been to—I knew I had to go see her on her latest tour, High as Hope. So this weekend my husband, Tai, and I are headed to Minneapolis to see friends and go to the concert.

Plus as a surprise bonus, our tickets came with a real, physical CD. When was the last time you had one of those? It’s actually felt nostalgic driving around blasting the CD all week to get ready for this weekend.


This has been another week of And Then We Tried Obsessions, where we share whatever we’re obsessed with each week. Let us know what you’re obsessed with this week in the comments and if you see anything in the wild that you think we’d be obsessed with, be sure to tag us @andthenwetried or use #ATWTobsessions

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