One Room Challenge Week Three: Let’s Organize!

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One Room Challenge Kitchen

It’s week three of my kitchen One Room Challenge and I am deep in the land of prepping, priming, and painting cabinets. I’m hoping to have a full rundown of that process ready for you next week, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share what I’ve been thinking about while literally watching paint dry.

(Check out my updates from weeks one and two if you’re just joining us!)

Since this is primarily a cosmetic makeover, we won’t be getting a whole lot of new functionality out of our kitchen when all is said is done. We are, however, replacing our high top table with this Ikea island, which has some open shelving. It’s not a lot of added storage, but it’s enough to give us the opportunity to reorganize a bit. That, combined with the fact that the entire contents of our kitchen are now stacked in our dining room, has led to my latest obsession: kitchen organization tools.

Let’s start with the island, which will undoubtedly need some bins and baskets:

kitchen one room challenge baskets


kitchen one room challenge metal basket

What makes sense to store here? I’m thinking a basket for dish towels, which are currently bursting out of a drawer, and maybe mixing bowls and larger items like that. Maybe small appliances like our little blender and hand mixer?

I’m very excited to repurpose the aforementioned dish towel drawer into a spice drawer. It’s right next to the stove and using this in-drawer spice rack will make things much easier to see than the current situation, which is a pile of spices in the cabinet above the stove.

kitchen one room challenge drawer organizer

kitchen one room challenge spice rack

Speaking of drawer organization, we weirdly have a lot of utensils. Not eating utensils (we have exactly eight each of spoons, forks, and knives) but cooking and serving utensils. So, when I saw this drawer organizer I was overwhelmed by the possibilities.

kitchen one room challenge utensil organizer

Along those same lines, we have a decent knife collection amassed and it would be nice to have them more readily available. I’m thinking about one of those magnetic strip things, I’m just not sure the best place to put it.

kitchen one room challenge knife rack

Our biggest kitchen mess? Definitely our storage containers. Between multiple sets of different sizes and lid types, it is at best an organized heap and at worst an avalanche waiting to happen. I’m thinking a rack for those (especially the lids!) is a must.

kitchen one room challenge wire rack

kitchen one room challenge clear rack

kitchen one room challenge lid rack

And maybe even a water bottle rack for good measure.

kitchen one room challenge water bottle rack

We definitely can’t afford to buy all of these items, but it’s nice to dream right? Who would have thought my idea of a good time would become organizing my kitchen drawers? I’m officially spiraling, people. Send help.

We joined the One Room Challenge as a Guest Participant this year. Hop over to the ORC site to see all of the great rooms and come back to us every Wednesday for the next three weeks to see our progress!

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