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Hunter for Target

Just in time for spring, Target has launched their newest collection with Hunter this weekend. Hunter, who’s usually known for $150 rain boots, has taken a fun and colorful look at rain gear, men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, plus outdoor gear and accessories. With an extensive use of rubber, this collection will have you ready for anything rain related. See our favorites from the Hunter for Target line.


Boxy Raincoat

Hunter for Target raincoat

Love the boxy shape of this raincoat and the yellow is perfect for spring. Also comes in gray.

Hooded Romper

Hunter for Target romper

I’m not exactly sure the appropriate time to wear a hooded romper, but this looks so comfy I’d wear it around the house or to go run errands.

Varsity Swing Jacket

Hunter for Target jacket

I love the green color that many of the Hunter products come in and this green and white varsity jacket is collegiate in all the right ways.

Rash Guard

Hunter for Target rash guard

Slathering yourself in sunscreen can only get you so far before a rash guard comes in handy. This option is cute and a great price at only $25.

Rain Boots

Tall Black Rain Boots

Hunter for Target rainboot

A great alternative to the usually $150 Hunter boots, these black rain boots come in at only $40. They are delayed but defintely scoop them up when they finally hit the stores.

Short Navy Rain Boots

Hunter for Target short boot

Love the contrasting red interior on these navy rain boots and these would be great for a warmer rainy day.


Small Backpack

Hunter for Target backpack

Loving this little yellow backpack which would be great for running around to a museum or picnic on the weekend.

Rubber Sling Tote

Hunter for Target tote

I love the simple shape of this sling tote. Plus being rubber, it would be perfect for toting around on a rainy day when you’d rather leave your leather bags at home.

Cooler Backpack

Hunter for Target cooler

This cooler backpack seems like the perfect solution for outdoor concerts or picnics at the museum. Easy way to trek in waters and snacks for a full day outside.

Square Cooler

Hunter for Target cooler

This square cooler immediately caught my eye because of the resemblance to the much more expensive Yeti version. At a quarter of the price, this seems like a no-brainer.

Have you had the chance to check out the Hunter for Target line? Any other favorites?

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