Obsessions: 04.20.18

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and then we tried obsessions

The birds are chirping in Cleveland and I think spring has finally arrived. I should know better than to think there won’t be any more snow, but I’m feeling hopeful! See everything we’re obsessed with in this week’s And Then We Tried Obsessions.


Fenty Stunna Lip Paint

Image via Fenty Beauty

I got Rihanna’s perfect red lipstick this week, via Wikibuy holla, and the color is amazing. She promised that it would be the perfect red on every skin tone, and it definitely works on mine! Not too yellow or blue, this is really a true red. It reminds me of a red liquid lipstick I used to have from LimeCrime, but it is smoother going on.The applicator takes a little getting used to, and I would recommend using a clear lipliner to make sure the edges stay locked in. If you need me, I’ll be channeling Rihanna all weekend. Bye.

Obsession by Sinclair

I’ve been loving this song, and the title is perfect. Get at it.


Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar by Cheryl Strayed

Tiny beautiful things

Image courtesy of Mashable

I’ve been a mini dry spell from all the podcast listening (the good ones don’t come out as fast as I can listen) so I’ve been infilling with audio books. And if you like advice columns, this one is for you. Tiny Beautiful Things is a collection of The Rumpus’s Dear Sugar advice column which was written anonymously for years, but was in fact Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild. It’s often sad, humorous, and somber all rolled into one piece of advice to any given question. The audio book has been really good—who doesn’t love when the author narrates their own book?—even if you have to take breaks every once in a while to regroup and stop pondering about your own life.

19 Crimes Virtual Reality Labels

As if I needed another reason to purchase and drink wine, this week I (and my entire office) discovered the 19 Crimes virtual reality labels. If you pick up one of their bottles and download the app, you can see the person on the label come to life. It’s a tiny bit terrifying and also like you’ve stepped into Hogwarts but really cool and mind blowing for all the other possibilities for virtual reality. Brb, I’m going to go learn how to do this now so I can have a job in 10 years.


Troublemaker by Leah Remini

troublemaker obsessions

I’ve moved on from last week’s cult to the OG: Scientology. I’m listening to Leah Remini’s memoir while I’ve been working on the kitchen and it’s so interesting. I’m right in the middle of Katie Holmes’ and Tom Cruise’s wedding right now and this stuff is bonkers. Scientology is so fascinating to me, especially when it comes to their treatment and leverage over celebrity members. I’m always looking for more recommendations, so hit me with your favorite cult book!

This has been another week of And Then We Tried Obsessions, where we share whatever we’re obsessed with each week. Let us know what you’re obsessed with this week in the comments and if you see anything in the wild that you think we’d be obsessed with, be sure to tag us @andthenwetried or use #ATWTobsessions

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