New Zealand Packing List: One week in March

Feeling like pros for actually checking our weather app, we headed out to explore New Zealand dressed for a cool 65 degree day. Well let me tell you, we may have been dressed for what 65 degrees feels like at home, but we were sweltering. When asking people about this apparent lack of consistency (why was it so hot?) we were told that in the Southern Hemisphere, there is much less pollution, so the sun feels much warmer. Wish I would have known that before the trip, but beggars can’t be choosers. See my New Zealand packing list—with all extra warm weather items I forgot—below to make sure you’re set for whatever weather is thrown at you.

new zealand packing list

Madewell Distressed Black Jeans

You can’t go wrong with black denim plus the ripped knee adds a nice relaxed detail. These Madewell versions are a nice step up from the Urban Outfitters pair I had previously but for the price, those are a great alternative.

Everlane Mid Rise Mid Blue Ankle Jean

I’m still going strong on these Everlane jeans that I reviewed back in December. The mid rise is so flattering and the mid blue color is my very favorite right now. They are the perfect jean for matching everything you’ll be packing.

Levi’s Wedgie Shorts

You may remember these being on my Spring Fashion Wishlist and I wish I would have pulled the trigger before the trip to New Zealand. In fact I didn’t pack a single pair of shorts and I severely regretted it. Remember what I said about the lack of pollution? Pack some warm weather clothes for that reason.

Madewell Sweat Pant Leggings

Traveling around New Zealand, granted you’re leaving the main cities, will require a fair amount of road tripping to see the fjords and Lord of the Rings filming locations. These leggings are perfect for those travel days. Also loving the very similar Target pajama leggings which are so so comfy.

Madewell Let the Good Times Roll Tee

When I travel, no matter what I pack, I am always reaching for the tee shirts first. Vacation me just wants to be comfy. This tee from Madewell was a recent purchase and feels vintage in a way I love.

Madewell Red Ringer Tee

Another great tee shirt you’ll be going for again and again.

Everlane Striped Tee

I love packing items like this that you can crinkle up and pack any which way and they’ll still be wrinkle free when you arrive. Great for those first jet lagged days when you are definitely not ironing.

Madewell Strip Mix Tee

Love how fresh and spring looking this tee is. Sure to be my new favorite.

Madewell Gingham Button Down Shirt

Large and baggy is my perfect vacation wardrobe plus I’m a sucker for any of the Madewell button up shirts. They require more work than a tee shirt (ironing) but having one or two nicer pieces with you is great to throw on for dinners or spontaneous going out.

Homage Cincinnati Womens Tank

[Insert your city tank here.] But if you happen to be in or from the Ohio area, I’m loving all of the pieces from Homage which feel vintage, lived in and super super cozy.

Aritzia Babaton Dress

Just like the shorts, I didn’t actually pack a single dress with me. Tragic mistake. I was dying for a causal, loose dress like this one to wear around while exploring the cities. If I haven’t said it enough, remember to pack a few warm weather items just in case!

Madewell Oversized Denim Jacket

Still loving this jacket from my purchase for the Spain Packing List last fall. Love the oversized fit and I’ve decided the key to pulling off denim jackets is like everything else, just go for it.

L.L. Bean Mountain Classic Anorak

I raved about this one in Obsessions already and it did not let me down on the trip. Water resistant but still soft, I could wear this on rainy days or just a cool evening. Plus I actually got a surprising number of comments from other Americans who saw the L.L. Bean logo.

North Face Resolve 2 Rain Coat

This is the sporty version of the rain jacket I took on the Spain Packing List. Plus this price for a North Face jacket could not be beat. Since parts of New Zealand are among the wettest places on earth (think 29.5ft of rain a year) be ready to pack all your rain gear.

Everlane Lightweight Puffer Jacket

Not quite water proof, this jacket was great on cool non-rainy nights once the temperature really dropped. I love how lightweight it is and can really be packed down small to fit in the tiny bit of extra room you have in your bag.

Nike Dualtone Racer

Another hold over from my Spain trip. I’m so glad sneakers have become fashionable because thats about all my feet are willing to withstand for a full day of sightseeing.

Birkenstock Mayari Sandals

Full disclosure: I once again did not pack these. MISTAKE. If you haven’t jumped on the Birkenstock bandwagon yet, you have to experience how comfortable these sandals really are. All three of us love them. I so wish I would have remembered to pack these for the warm days in the cities exploring.

Keds Chillax Sneaker

These sneakers were my go-to shoe for my trips to Scotland and Spain in the last couple years. I love being able to easily slip these on and off even if they are a little too lightweight for a full day of sightseeing. I save these for travel days when you want to be comfy and they pack down super thin in your bag.

Hunter Original Tour Packable Rain Boots

Like the L.L. Bean Anorak, you probably saw these in Obsessions recently. I’ve always wanted Hunter boots and finally went for it when it looked like a good chance of rain every day on the trip. I was very impressed with how small they packed down (pretty much to the size of a sneaker) since traveling with rain boots is usually such a hassle. Would definitely recommend!

And though these aren’t specific to New Zealand, here are a few items I never find myself traveling with out.

new zealand packing list essentials

Timbuk2 Tuck Pack

This is still my favorite travel backpack. I love the front pocket for your keys or wallet and the separate zipper in the back to access your laptop. Great for quickly pulling it out to go through security. Plus with it being water proof I was set for the rainy New Zealand weather.

Madewell Simple Crossbody

This is another purchase I snagged for the Spain Packing List. It’s still my go-to travel purse since it’s small and light enough to wear all day while sightseeing and can be thrown into my backpack before boarding flights. Carryall Duo

Can you ever have enough of these little bags to keep things in order? I was a little under the weather leaving for this trip so thankfully the checkered bag was perfect for holding all the medicine I took with me to fend off my cold. I also throw in anything that will make me more comfortable on the flight; thick socks, face mist, ear plugs, etc.

ABLE Eyerusalem Passport Wallet

This was the first time I got to travel with my new passport wallet and I loved it. Really quality leather and at the best price I’ve found.

Wit and Delight Packing Cubes

After I started using packing cubes about a year ago, and reviewing them here, I can never go back. They make packing SO MUCH EASIER. Give yourself this gift and pick some up before your next trip. You won’t regret it.

Roll-able Toiletry Bag

I saw this toiletry bag on Pinterest originally and was very intrigued but after finding it on Amazon I figured, how big of a risk could it be? I actually love the roll-able feature which let’s you open the bag up and see all the contents. Plus the extra small bag is perfect for all your hair bands and bobby pins.

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

I love this little printer (even if the designer in me says the color isn’t perfect). And it was even more fun to have on our trip so we could print photos we had taken and stick them to postcards we sent to friends and family. Now fingers crossed they actually make it!

What are your go-to travel essentials? Any I should add for my next trip?

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new zealand packing list


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