Our Spring Fashion Wishlist

Logically, we know it’s too soon to get excited about spring. At least here in Cleveland, we definitely still have snow in the near future. But with March kicking off tomorrow and a handful of recent warm days, we’re dreaming of what we’re going to be wearing once the weather warms up for good. 


Now that I have blonde hair, I’m ready to completely change my whole wardrobe. I couldn’t wear light colored tops because my purple hair would have stained them, so for spring, I’m looking to bring in some white shirts. I recently bought this striped shirt from Faherty and am excited to bust it out this spring. Madewell has a similar button down shirt here. faherty westerly stripe


I’m also ready to accept khaki pants into my life. These are technically “ochre” so maybe I won’t be a freshman in high school wearing khaki pants to a homecoming dance in these. Everlane also has a new version of these in a more utilitarian style, so I’ve got my eye on those, too.

Last, but not least, I’m excited to try on this breezy jumpsuit from Universal Thread at Target. It looks like the perfect thing to wear when Robin and I go on her honeymoon to Greece in May.

Universal Thread Jumpsuit


Apparently this spring I’m all about new pants. Everything I’ve been obsessing over are new bottoms.

madewell slim boyjean

I already love Madewell’s slim boyjeans and I’m loving these updated pair with the ripped knees and raw edges.

everlane wide leg crop

I’ve been obsessing over these wide leg pants from Everlane after I’ve been loving the denim I got from them. A really similar pair is also made by Madewell but the Everlane pair are a little less expensive plus they come in a wider color range. And am I crazy or is the bone color kinda cute? Is this the year I go for white pants?

levis wedgie short

Since I’ve been loving my Levi’s wedgie jeans I think it’s time to try out the shorts version. Hoping these do the flattering butt thing that the full jeans do.


I watched a semi-recent episode of Fixer Upper where Joanna and Chip were working on a house for Joanna’s sister. In a few scenes, both Joanna and her sister were wearing clog-style sandals. Despite the snow on the ground when I watched this episode, I couldn’t help lusting after those sandals. I’m hoping to add a similar pair to my wardrobe this spring.

swedish hasbeens spring wishlist

I’m super into the utilitarian looks from Madewell’s collaboration with As Ever. But now the question remains: can I wear short coveralls? And if I can, where do I wear them?

Madewell As Ever Coveralls

Last on my list isn’t a clothing item, but it will change up my look. I’m thinking about trying this rose gold temporary hair tint from Kristin Ess. Seems like a fun way to mix things up this spring and summer!

kristin ess rose gold spring wishlist


What are you excited to try/buy this spring?

everlane wide leg crop


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