Holiday Gift Guide: HBIC Who Buys Everything for Herself

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gift guide: HBIC BFF

We all have that one friend who works hard and gets shit done. She’s essentially who Destiny’s Child was singing about in “Independent Women,” and we want to be her when we grow up. The thing is that when she wants something, she buys it for herself. That makes her VERY hard to shop for. Here are our ideas for your most self-sufficient, kick-ass friend.

gift guide: HBIC BFF

Madewell Jewelry

Madewell has great jewelry that are good picks no matter what she’s getting into. Whether that’s running the office or owning game night, girl needs to look good. We’re loving the looker hinge bracelet, beaded tassel earrings, and the pinky ring set.

Marble Cheese Tray

The ultimate sign of adulthood is having appropriate servingware when someone pops by for impromptu appetizers. Make sure her cheese tray always makes it look like she has her shit together (even if she doesn’t).

ABLE Tadesse Bucket Bag

ABLE works with women who have overcome extraordinary circumstances to create quality products and, even more importantly, create jobs for women lacking opportunity. Women helping women; what could be better?

Bonus: they are offering 20% off orders over $50 through December 20th! You have to use our referral link to get the promotion, so buy some stuff so we can buy some stuff.

Patriarchy Mug

Get her day started off on the right foot: kicking ass and taking names. This mug will do just the trick. Pair this with the snarky keychain from our white elephant gift guide for the perfect combo.

Colorful Caption Coasters

Along with a great cheese tray, real coasters (that aren’t from Ikea) scream adulthood. Get her this nice set for when guests come over or to step up her coffee table styling.

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