Vegetarian Whole30 Planning

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Vegetarian Whole 30 Planning

After taking Monday to celebrate Christmas with our families, we’re back and ready for 2018 to show up! It’s been about a year since my last attempt at a vegetarian Whole30 (I made it 19 days) so it’s about time I try again.

Hannah and I have been talking with our friends, mostly after several drinks, about trying a Whole30 as a group so we can all suffer together and I think we’ll be pretty successful this time. We’re all looking for a way to stop being Certified Trash People™, and the strict rules of the Whole30 are really appealing to us right now. We’ve got five people ready to give up everything we love: cheese (and all dairy), booze, sugar, grains, legumes, etc., for 30 days.

Our plan is to start January 1st and go all month and we’re hoping that by doing it together we can share meals and help meal prep as a group so no one is stuck eating the same food for a week straight. It’s a bummer that this coincides with the start of this season of The Bachelor so it means no wine for us, but TBH we aren’t that stoked for Arie anyways. I’ll be the only vegetarian in the group so I’ll be doing a bit more solo prep, but I found a ton of delicious curry recipes last time I tried a vegetarian Whole30 and I’m fine eating those for 30 days straight.

My main concern is what to eat for breakfast before going to the gym in the morning. I won’t be able to get up early enough to make an omelet and don’t really want anything too heavy before hitting the gym anyways. Any vegetarian Whole30-compliant quick breakfast suggestions?

We’ve been busy pinning away recipes and Whole30 tips and would love to hear what has worked for you! Also, anyone else in Cleveland want to join in on a vegetarian Whole 30 or a regular Whole30? You can have some of my curry if you share something delicious in return!

Sidenote from Hannah: This is my first Whole30 attempt and I’ve got legitimate anxiety over it. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night worried about grocery shopping. And I’m not even doing a vegetarian one! Basically, I’d like to apologize in advance to anyone who comes in contact with me in January. Not only will I be an anxious mess (about meal planning? I’m aware of how ridiculous this is) but I’ll be coming down from a lifetime addiction to added sugars so I’m sure I’m going to be a real treat to be around. 

Does a vegetarian Whole30 sound like something you’d try as a New Years resolution? What are your resolutions for 2018?


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