Holiday Gift Guide: Jet-setting Sister Who is Seemingly Always Out of the Country

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gift guides: jet-setting sisters

So, you have to buy a gift for your world-traveling sister. She’s seen everything and is definitely cooler than you, so what do you get her? Our suggestions are things that will make her travels easier and make her think of you when she’s an ocean away.

gift guides: jet-setting sistersPoppy and Quail Notebooks for Travel Notes

Any good traveler documents their visits. These slim notebooks fit into any pocket and are perfect for jotting down memories on the train to the next city. We loved these earlier this summer when we put together easy gift kits to impress our moms. Portable Cell Phone Charger

The only thing worse than an overnight flight is an overnight flight with a dead phone. Get her this battery so her phone is always charged, even when all the outlets at the airport gate have been claimed.

Plz Don’t Talk To Me Pouch + Goodies

Our pouch really gets the point across when her flight is delayed and she’s been traveling for 12 hours: just don’t talk. Stock it with essentials like tissues, a face mask, aspirin, and anything else you think she’d love.

Packing Cubes

So, your traveler sister is probably the one who introduced you to packing cubes in the first place, but in case she hasn’t figured this hack out yet, get her these cubes to keep her suitcase organized (and make more room for souvenirs!).

Travel Poster or Jewelry

She can’t travel all the time, so remind your sister of her favorite destination with a ring or necklace or get her a cool poster from where she studied abroad.

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