Kitchen Progress: Bye, Cabinet

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After we tore out the drop ceiling, I tricked my parents into staying longer and helping me tear out this built in cabinet. The cabinet had an outlet in it and should have been a nice appliance storage place, but it was blocking access to the refrigerator and made the kitchen feel even more functionally obsolete.


So it had to go.  kitchen-remove-cabinet-2

I’m the first one to recommend smashing into something or tearing out that thing you hate, but of course you have to deal with the consequences of that smash. Like the reveal of that horrible plumbing that you saw in the last kitchen update. For this project that meant that the wall behind the cabinet was way smoother than the rest of the walls in the kitchen that had decades of paint built up and a drippy texture. I did my best to replicate that drippy texture with this Homax orange peel spray. I sprayed on a layer on the finest setting and then layered on the largest splatter pattern. I was hoping this would help blend the wall in with the rest of the kitchen walls. kitchen-remove-cabinet-orange-peel kitchen-cabinet-removed

This made a big difference in the traffic flow in the kitchen and most recently, gave me a place to put George and Freddie’s food dishes.


  • Are you a smasher? Or do you prefer to do all your research up front before tearing something apart? Let me know in the comments
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