Cleveland Craigslist Favorites: Week September 16

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Cleveland Craigslist Finds

If you spend enough time on Craigslist you will come across some amazing posts. Some pieces are easy for me to figure out how to refinish and sell or remix and share. Some posts aren’t great for the remix, but the furniture is too good not to share! I included links to the original posts if you want to snag anything.

Here are the posts from this week that tickled my fancy:

Kitchen Table and 6 Chairs

cantilever-table-1 cantilever-table-2
I have a bit of a cantilever chair obsession and love the cane backs on this set. The table is hideous but has cool legs, clean simple metal tubes.

What I’d do with this

I would recover the seats and buy a replacement cane back for the broken chair. The table has good legs, so I’d keep those and build a new top with wood planks. If the legs don’t come off the table top, I’d float the new top over this one.

Glass Kitchen Table and 4 Cushioned Chairs


More cantilever chairs! I really like the curved case of the chairs. The table is simple and works well with the chairs, but I don’t love glass top tables. It would work nicely in a small space though to help keep things light.

What I’d do with this

I’d recover the chair fabric and possibly paint the legs gold depending on the house they are going into. Same as the last set, the table legs are pretty cool so those could get a new top if no one was interested in the glass look.

A few Art Deco dressers

While these don’t go with my house/style right now, I love the large round mirrors and art deco glam. The prices for these vary, but there are quite a few on Cleveland Craiglist right now.

Art Deco Vanity


This one would be perfect as a little vanity for a small space.

Art Deco Dresser


I love the wood grain pattern.

Art Deco Dresser/Vanity 


Love the HUGE mirror on this one and the wood seems to be in excellent condition.


  • Are you as obsessed with cantilever chairs as me? Or do you at least see the potential?
  • Let me know if you are hunting for anything specific and I’ll keep an eye out


All pictures taken from original Craigslist posts. 

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