Labor Day Weekend in New York City

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I took advantage of the holiday weekend to head to New York for a few days. This was my first flight that was able to pay for using miles so I felt like a professional traveler. I’m not great at the points/miles game, so these miles were just the ones I have acquired through any United trips over the past few years. I packed my Osprey Farpoint 40 Backpack, which you can read a review of here, and a purse filled with Lära bars and nuts(I was in the middle of attempting a Whole30) and jetted off.


Arrival: my flight got in at 7:30PM Friday night and I took an Uber to Washington Heights where my friends live.

Departure: my flight left at 9:25PM Monday night and I took an Uber to Newark, this Uber was WAY more expensive than my first one because it included bridge fees that were somehow left off the first ride. Since my flight was free, I’m telling myself the crazy expensive Ubers were fine.

A few trip highlights

You can find detailed itineraries for any number of days in New York all over the internet, so I won’t get too deep into what we did over the weekend, but here are the highlights.

The Magnum Bar


The New York City Magnum Store was AMAZING! The line went quickly and surprisingly, it was under $8.00. You get to select 3 toppings for your Magnum bar as well as choosing the ice cream and type of chocolate coating. I got: butterscotch pieces, chocolate cookie crumble, and gold flakes with dark chocolate covered chocolate ice cream. Bye, Whole30.

They set up different photo booths for your ice cream throughout the store so you can take an Instagram worthy photo of your treat. I also loved the floors.

Upright Citizens Brigade Improv Show


My friend Jamie has taken classes with UCB so we went to see a show in Chelsea. This was my first improv show and I was a little nervous that there would be more audience participation. I didn’t have to do anything though, so I was very relieved. Our tickets were $10 and the show was great.

The Cloisters


I love going to parks in big cities. It was about to rain when we were at the park which added to the Cloisters’ overall moodiness. We got a brief history of HBIC Margaret Corbin from some nice grandparents gossiping on the street. Margaret was one of the first women to fight in a war and took over a cannon when her husband was shot. The road leading to the Cloisters is named after her. Go Margaret.

Central Park


Of course, we had to hit Central Park.

Kitten Snuggles



Most important part of the trip: snuggling Morgen and Jamie’s kittens: Ron + Hermione

Cheers to the Girl Squad for a great weekend!


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