Obsessions: 07.27.18

Well, we all dropped off the face of the earth for a couple weeks there. I’d love to say we were busy working on super fun projects that we could share with you, but TBH we got wrapped up in work and events and just didn’t have time to dedicate to the internet. Here’s what we’ve been loving in this mega And Then We Tried obsessions.


Keto Update

LOL, I dropped this like a hot potato. I got back from San Francisco and got a sinus infection after some stranger coughed on me for the whole flight, so I fell into my “I’m sick and want to eat trash” habits. I did like tracking everything in MyFitnessPal and have been noticing that I feel worse when I eat a zillion carbs and no other vegetables, so I think I need to figure out how to eat a “balanced diet” or whatever nutritionists and moms are always talking about,


The Costco bulbs I planted exploded! I have a few of the balloon flowers and the gladiolas are MASSIVE. I love the color lining my driveway, but next year I’ll have to use stronger twine to hold them up. This year, I succeeded with sweet pea flowers, too. Thanks to friend-of-the-blog Nick for his pro advice, I got these in the ground at the right time and I love how wild they are against the deck.

Getting my shit together

I think I’ve documented the process of cleaning my room before on Instastories, so you might be familiar with what a hot mess it usually is. Lately, it has gotten so bad that it legit causes me stress to look at. And TBH the rest of my house isn’t really any better when it comes to general tidiness or organization. I’m able to clean and put everything away but somehow can only keep it nice for about 20 minutes before it all goes to shit again. I’ve identified my main problem areas as laundry and mail/packages. So I’m thinking in an effort to hold myself accountable I’ll be posting daily Instagram story updates of the rooms in my house that tend to overflow with random stuff. I won’t be starting on the deep clean until next week, but once I get everything tidy, I’ll be relying on the collective shaming powers of you all to keep me in check. TYSM in advance.

Wolf Pack Pub Prowl

Wolf Pack Pub Prowl weekend is here! Hannah, Zac, Erika, and I are heading down to Cincinnati this weekend to howl at the moon(or sun, because its a day prowl this year) with a bunch of weirdos and I can’t wait! My mom helped me modify a men’s 4X shirt last night to turn it into a *cUsToM* dress and I’m so excited to see all my friends done up in their wolfy finest.

If you’re in Cincinnati this Saturday, July 28th, join us! We’ll be at Queen City Exchange at 2 PM.


Getting my hands to look like this

and then we tried obsessions

Full disclosure: I have ALWAYS wanted to be one of those people who looks like they effortlessly threw on a flurry of rings. Alas, this hasn’t worked out for me so far. I ordered a couple of these skinny stacking rings from Vrai and Oro to get myself started. Does anyone have tips? How do you pull this off?

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

After loving Jonathan Van Ness on Queer Eye, I’ve been working my way through his podcast, Getting Curious. Each episode is only 30 minutes and tackles a different subject that Jonathan is curious about. And if you love podcasts, be sure to check out our favorites.

Next on the TV docket: Sharp Objects

and then we tried obsessions

Has anyone else started this series? The trailer looks incredibly scary/good.


Homemade Pizza

I have been super into making pizza lately and it’s so easy! Just pick up some pizza dough from the grocery store and throw whatever you want on top. My favorite combo so far has been this white sauce from Bon Appetit, cheese, prosciutto (although I might be becoming a low key vegetarian), and a runny egg. Top it all off with some arugula and *chef’s kiss.* Special shout out to Robin for helping us take our pizza game to the next level with our first wedding present, a pizza stone!


YOU GUYS I FINALLY GOT TO SEE HAMILTON AND IT WAS AMAZING. All other musicals may be ruined for me forever because I can’t imagine anything being better than that. I wasn’t sure if I would feel like it was a let down since I already had the soundtrack memorized (no brag), but it was honestly better than I expected. I cried no less than seven times and was essentially just covered in goosebumps for the entire show. Tickets are insanely expensive but so worth it, so go if you have the chance!

All Beyoncé Everything (and Jay-Z too, I guess)

I got very into the new album from The Carters, EVERYTHING IS LOVE. Especially the song NICE, Beyoncé’s first verse on that is my jam.

But, that was just the lead up to seeing The Carters live at their Cleveland stop of the On The Run II tour this week! Michelle and I saw them at the original On The Run in Cincinnati a few years ago, but I think this show was even better. They really put on an amazing production and manage to hit a lot of songs.

Another OTR for the books. #otrII

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Of course, I had to buy a new shirt for the occasion. I’ll be honest that I was a little nervous to wear this around in public before the show, but I got a ton of compliments from fellow Beyoncé fans which helped!

boy bye beyonce shirt


This has been another week of And Then We Tried Obsessions, where we share whatever we’re obsessed with each week. Let us know what you’re obsessed with this week in the comments and if you see anything in the wild that you think we’d be obsessed with, be sure to tag us @andthenwetried or use #ATWTobsessions

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and then we tried obsessions: 07.27.18


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