Obsessions: 05.18.18

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Michelle and Robin are finally back on this continent and they’ve brought some Greek vacation vibes with them! Check out what we’re loving in this week’s And Then We Tried obsessions.


Vine Work

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After spending a week admiring the impressive vines all over Greece, I arrived home hella motivated to improve my vine game. Last night I mounted a trellis to the garage wall and tried to attach my climbing roses to it. I have never cut these or done any real pruning so they are a hot mess, but I’m hoping the trellis helps. (Thanks to neighbor of the blog Carrie for passing along this trellis!) I might need to add a second trellis beneath this one since I had to staple the lower branches to the garage wall directly. My garage is trash so I’m not concerned about the staples. I saw the staple + string method online as an option for training wisteria vines, so I’ll be doing that with the wisteria over to the right of the climbing roses anyways. Also, my wisteria vines have flower buds on them!!! When I planted them last year, they grew a bunch of leaves, but after researching, I learned that they might not flower for 3–20 years. So I’m about 19 years early!

Porch Curtains

I’m sure they would look better when they are hemmed and actually on a rod, but they just feel too heavy and solid.

Probably also inspired by the breezy vibes in Greece, I have decided I need porch curtains. My front porch gets blindingly bright from about 5–7pm and instead of simply moving to the backyard to continue sippin’ on rosé we sit in the sun and roast. Curtains would totally improve the situation. Last night (I went hard last night) I went to Home Depot prepared to install a pipe rod and finish the whole thing. I was planning on using drop cloths because I thought the color and texture would look nice against the house color and columns. Thankfully, my mom intervened over the phone and advised me to bring home the drop cloths only, no pipes, and see if I liked the look of curtains. The drop cloths bring a “hoarder house” vibe as Robin put it. So I ordered these panels from Target and will be testing those out next when they show up. Do you have curtains in your outdoor space? Do you love it? Should I go with woven blinds instead? I just want to feel breezy and regal at all times so curtains felt right.


Can’t stop listening:

Plus a young Arnold Schwarzenegger never hurts.

Away Everywhere Bag

Away Everywhere Bag

Michelle and I visited the Away store in NYC on our extended layover back from Greece. I am now fully obsessed with this Everywhere Bag from Away. It looks like it would be perfect to hold everything you need access to during the flight or as a small duffle for one-night business trips. Does anyone have this? Do you love it? I need to know everything.


Universal Thread Mules

universal thread mules

I’ve been on the hunt for warm-weather shoes that don’t require a constant pedicure, so I caved into the mule trend. These mules from Universal Thread at Target fit all my requirements: the right amount of heel, not so much top-of-foot coverage that they look like slippers, and a neutral color that isn’t black. They have a slightly old-lady feel to them, but for under $30, I’m not complaining. Plus, they’re way comfier than I was expecting. Size up at least a half size in these; I’m typically an 8 but got an 8.5 and probably could have gone to a 9.

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