Packing for Greece in the Spring

Robin and I got back from Greece last week and I have been obsessed with keeping the breezy Grecian vibes going since then. We went to Athens, Corfu, Kefalonia, and Patras, and then stopped in a few towns on our drive back to Athens. I changed up my packing method for this trip and it was a game-changer. Keep reading to see our recommendations for packing for Greece in spring. 

First, I had a last minute packing crisis and ditched my beloved Farpoint 40 backpack in favor of a carry-on suitcase. Second, I finally got around to buying packing cubes and they made it so much easier to get everything packed back up after our couple nights in each location. And lastly, we rented cars so we were able to bring more things along for a full day out galavanting around the island. I’m 100% hooked on renting a car now and will be doing that absolutely everywhere. Robin and I were all over Instagram stories during the trip, so be sure to check out our Greece highlight to get caught up. We’ll be back with a bunch more info about Greece in the next few weeks, specifically a guide to Patras since apparently, no one goes there so there is no info online and we totally botched our one day there.

Time for the tips on packing for Greece in the spring

Packing list for one week in Greece in the spring

As you can see, a lot of our travel faves made it into the mix like Birkenstocks, Converse, a raincoat, jeans, and leggings. Between Robin and I, here’s our general packing list for Greece in the spring.

  1. Carry-on suitcase: I brought a Samsonite Ziplite spinner after freaking out about how nothing was fitting nicely in my backpack. I loved having four wheels and not having to lug everything around on my shoulders. We were concerned about dragging these suitcases over old cobblestone streets, but it wasn’t a huge issue. The only time it was annoying was taking them down the ferry stairs, but had we listened to the man when we boarded and stuck them in the luggage room, we could have avoided the whole thing. So just bring a suitcase.
  2. Raincoat: We have the same Columbia Pardon my Trench raincoat and I brought mine while Robin brought her new fave L.L. Bean Anorak.
  3. Lightweight Jacket: I borrowed Erika’s green utility coat, here’s a similar one, and it held up well in the light rain we had one day.
  4. Denim Jacket: Robin went with her Madewell Oversized Denim Jacket that she brought to Spain and New Zealand. Still a fan fave.
  5. Birkenstocks: We both brought Birkenstocks, Mayari for me and the white Arizona two-strap for Robin.
  6. Tevas: Hella functional, we brought these because we thought there would be a trek to the cave lake in Kefalonia but that ended up being a lot easier than we planned. I still wore these a lot because I’m telling myself they are effortlessly chic.
  7. Tennis Shoes: Perfect for all the accidental twinning we did on this trip. We both went with plain white Converse.
  8. T-Shirts: I grabbed a couple t-shirts from Old Navy before heading out because I’m a menace and decided I hated all my clothes. I got the Luxe Curved-Hem Crew-Neck Tee which warning, does have tight arm sleeves which Robin hates and the
  9. Linen-Blend Boyfriend V-Neck Tee which was looser. In a shocking turn of events, I bought this in OLIVE. I’m welcoming this very bright practically neon color into my wardrobe this year. TYSM in advance for your support.
  10. Super long sweater: Grabbed this from Old Navy while I was panic buying t-shirts. I didn’t get around to wearing it in Greece but have worn it three times in the last week, so I would still recommend it.
  11. Muscle Tanks: I brought these in two colors and wore them pretty much every day in Greece. I sized down because they were really oversized, so if you are between sizes, go ahead and order the smaller one.
  12. Same muscle tank in black + white stripe
  13. Breezy Button Down: We both brought a version of a striped breezy short sleeve button down. Mine was from Faherty and Robin’s was Madewell, but we’re loving this Target Universal Thread version, too.
  14. Black Denim Shorts: I packed these black midi shorts from American Eagle and loved the length. They were a little bit longer than the pair I bought a couple years ago and I liked that I could still double roll them and not have them all up in.
  15. Denim Shorts: I also packed these American Eagle Mom Shorts and liked them in Greece, but after a few days of wearing them, they got a little saggy. I washed them and hung them up to dry when I got home and they are still too big now. I’m going to try on a smaller pair to see if its better. I should have taken the approach I take with jeans and if it buttons and is uncomfortable when you first put it on, that’s the right size.Note about shorts, Robin and I seemed to be literally the only people in all of Greece wearing shorts, but we were too warm otherwise. If you want to blend in a little more in the spring, stick with long pants.
  16. Casual Skirt: Robin packed a decades-old black skirt, here’s a similar one, and now I wish I had kept mine from high school. We’re pretty sure these are effortlessly chic, even more-so than the Tevas.
  17. Black Skinny Jeans: I always bring a pair of black skinny jeans, but I was so hot and sweaty that these sucked to wear. If you are not a super sweaty person, these would be a good option.
  18. Wedgie Jeans: You know how much we all love these Wedgie Jeans. Robin and I both packed them, and they got a lot of wear.
  19. Leggings: I brought my favorite Girlfriend Collective leggings, and tbh the compression was a bit much for me on this trip. I know compression socks are a thing on planes and it is supposed to be good for you, but these were not the most comfortable choice. I should have brought my Old Navy compression leggings which are still nice, but not so tight in the ankles.
  20. T-Shirt Dress: comfy and easy, this dress looked nicer than shorts. Sold.
  21. Tank Dress: I’ve had this dress from Old Navy for a couple years. I wore this over my bathing suit, but it would work for wandering around for a day, too. Here is this year’s version.
  22. PJs – Shirt: Same as when I packed for Belgium, I brought a shirt I could potentially wear not just to bed. For Clevelanders, anything from CLE Clothing or Homage would be a good bet.
  23. PJs – Shorts: Again, just like Belgium, I went with athletic shorts in case I needed to do anything athletic. Robin brought sweatpants and a sweatshirt because she’s a cold sleeper.
  24. One-Piece Bathing Suit: Robin and I both bought a ton of bathing suits from Aerie and landed on a one-piece and a bikini for the trip. I went with this black cut out one piece and Robin chose the red Super Plunge.
  25. Bikini Top: We also both brought a two-piece from Aerie in matching olive green. I went with a triangle top, and Robin chose a wide strap scoop.

    My top ended up being a little smaller than I would have liked on me, but the larger size was too big. So there was a risk of a wardrobe malfunction either way.
  26. We each packed a high waist bottom, ruched for me and plain for Robin.
  27. Backpack: Another twinning moment with our Timbuk2 Tuck Packs. We each brought these as our personal item on the plane and loved how you could unroll the top for a bit of extra room.
  28. Small Purse: We each had a little purse, mine is super old from an Italian street market, and Robin’s is from Madewell.
  29. Larger Purse: I carried a larger brown leather purse around as my main bag while we were out wandering. I liked being able to put a water bottle in it and also have some room for spontaneous purchases. Mine from Madewell is no longer available but I’m liking this Fossil one. Plus, my Mom has been telling me for my whole life that all purses need a zipper, so it meets that requirement, too.
  30. Packable Backpack: I always bring an extra bag in case I go crazy and buy a zillion things. This trip I just used it as a pool/beach bag. Mine is an old one from Baggu, here’s a new/better version, and this Herschel bag also looks good.

Robin was on the hunt the whole trip for the perfect breezy jumpsuit, but we couldn’t find one in Greece. Other than that, this packing list for Greece in the spring worked out really well for us!

Packing for a week in Greece during the spring


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