LIVELY Active Review

You already know I’m obsessed with LIVELY bras and underwear, so when they launched an active line, I HAD to try it. As a fairly active gym rat and professional lounger, my sports bras need to work hard. Keep reading for my full LIVELY Active review and a chance to win $40 to LIVELY.

You can get the full LIVELY story here, and then get $10 off your first order when you create an account using this link or use code AMB-andthenwetried2.

LIVELY Active High-Neck Bra

LIVELY Active High-Neck Bra Review I have a few other high neck sports bras and I like how they keep me from feeling like my boobs are going to fall out while bending over at the gym. They do tend to have a strangling vibe about them, and the LIVELY Active High Neck is no different here. They recommend sizing up online, and I definitely missed that memo, so size up! Sorry, you’re SoL if you are above a large because the active line is only S, M, L. This one comes with removable padding which is a plus for me!

LIVELY Active Crossback Bra

LIVELY Active Crossback Bra Review

I love the colorblocking in the LIVELY active line and snagged the active crossback in mint navy. Another time I missed or ignored the warning online and bought my standard size medium. This one was a little tight around my armpit area, but I’m hoping if it stretches out, or I firm up some muscles at the gym, it’ll fit a little better. This also has removable pads.

LIVELY Active Bralette – Colorblock

LIVELY Active Bralette Colorblock Review

I got the active bralette in pink navy and love the wide, adjustable straps. The medium is still a bit snug, key takeaway of this LIVELY active review: size up! While I do love the colorblocking, the seams do stick out a bit and you can notice them if you are wearing a thin shirt. Not a big problem at the gym, but if you’re wearing this to work or somewhere real, you might see them. My main issue with this sports bra is that the straps are placed too close together on me. I had a similar issue with the LIVELY swim bralette, and I think my shoulders are wider than they were considering when designing their new lines.

All of the LIVELY bras are $35 a piece or two for $55 or three for $75. You can combine Active and classic bras into a bundle. Save $10 by creating an account with this link or use code AMB-andthenwetried2 at checkout.

LIVELY Active Racerback Bra

LIVELY Active Racerback Bra Review

I ordered this in black and am excited for it to arrive! I love the shape of the racerback, it looks a bit more modern than a traditional racerback. The mesh detailing looks like it would be a comfy addition, too. I’ll be sure to report back on the sizing, and one other thing to note is that this bra doesn’t have any padding.

LIVELY Active Bralette

LIVELY Active Bralette Review

This one looks like there might not be the seaming issue that I had with the active bralette – colorblock version. Another great option with removable padding and adjustable straps. Unfortunately, this is also only available in a small, medium, and large and it does run small.

LIVELY Active Review Summary

Honestly, I expected a bit more from the LIVELY active line, fit-wise. No question, LIVELY active is a beautiful sports bra option, but at $35 I felt like they should have fit a little better. I’ve had great luck finding quality sports bras at Marshall’s for about $12 each, so I expected these LIVELY active bras to be amazing. If you have narrower shoulders and typically wear an extra-small,  small, or medium in sports bras, give LIVELY active a try, just size up! For regular bras and undies, LIVELY can’t be beat, see my thoughts on their classics here.

Leave a comment below with your favorite LIVELY Active (or classic bras + undies) item for a chance to win $40 to LIVELY!

Create an account with this link to save $10 on your first purchase or use code AMB-andthenwetried2 at checkout.

LIVELY Active Review


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