LIVELY Review, Why I’m a Leisurée Superfan

What, you’ve never heard of leisurée? For anyone out there desperate to know more about my undies, I’m wearing LIVELY. All the time. So get ready for my lengthy LIVELY review!

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DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links, when you click the links and make a purchase, we may receive a commission.

I updated this post on March 28, 2018, and will continue to pop back when I buy more things or they launch new products. You can read my LIVELY Active review here.

Last year I decided it was finally time to throw away all of the worn out, holey, sad underwear I had been hoarding for years, and I embarked on the journey to find my new everyday undies. Joanna Goddard had a similar conundrum, you can see her choice here. I loved how easy it is to see what the different sizes look like on Aerie’s website, so I ordered a few pairs from them to try, but I wasn’t in love with any of them. And then I stumbled across the LIVELY site and was drawn in by their sporty waistbands and reasonable pricing. Click here to create an account a get $10 off your first order with code AMB-andthenwetried2 at checkout.

Let’s Talk Undies   Review of Lively Undies

All of the LIVELY undies are $10 a pair or three for $25. Save $10 by creating an account here then use code AMB-andthenwetried2 at checkout.

I have tried: the All-Day Bikini, the Stripe Waist Bikini, the Mesh Back Bikini, The All-Day Thong, and the High-Waist Brief. Hannah also has a bunch of these and the Cheeky Short.

Review of Lively Stripe Waist Bikini

Let’s start with my favorite (and the official fave of all the And Then We Tried ladies): The Stripe Waist Bikinis are AMAZING. They are pretty full coverage, which makes them super comfortable and also means they stay in place under dresses, shorts, jeans, exercise pants, everything. The one negative side to all that comfort? Visible panty lines. But you know what? My comfort is more important than the rest of you being scandalized by my VPL, so you all can just deal with knowing that I’m wearing underpants.

You can’t return the undies, so order one at a time if you are nervous about the fit. I wear a Medium in Lively undies (I’m a size 6/8 in pants) and the regular fit has a fairly high rise and generous butt coverage, so you may be able to size down. Hannah ordered an Extra Large of the Stripe Waist Bikinis to start and was swimming in them, so she is happy with Large now.

A quick review of the rest of the LIVELY undies lineup: The All-Day Bikini is fine, but its nothing special, the fabric is comfy and they have slightly less VPL than the Stripe Waist, but I don’t think they stay in place as well at the gym or during the day. The Mesh Back Bikini really only seems necessary for a 115-degree day in Thailand. I don’t think I need a full mesh butt panel in my regular life. The All-Day Thong is fine, but now that I’m such a huge promoter of VPL, I don’t find myself reaching for it, and the High Waist Bikini(UPDATE 2/11/19, looks like this is no longer sold) is just a little too fancy for my everyday life, but it IS pretty and I have the matching bra (the Long-Lined Deep V No-Wire, which is no longer on the site), so maybe I’ll come up with a nice occasion to wear it as a set.

On to the bras

All of the LIVELY bras are $35 a piece or two for $55 or three for $75. Save $10 by creating an account with this link then use code AMB-andthenwetried2 at checkout

I’ll go into a little more detail about all of these since the Lively bra lineup is a little more robust than their undies.

LIVELY T-Shirt Bra

Review of Lively T-Shirt Bra

This is my favorite of their bras and I wear it pretty much every day, it’s also the group fave. I love the lace detail on the straps and the band is very comfortable. After almost a year of daily wear, the spot where the band connects to the wire area has started to wear out, but I do alternate between the Black and the Toasted Almond version of this bra every day, so they have gotten a lot of use. I’m pretty sure bras are like mascara in that you are supposed to replace them a lot more frequently than anyone actually does, so lasting a year seems good to me.

Note on these: they are just a tiny bit too thin, so if you work in a cold environment, be prepared to feel like Jennifer Aniston must have in literally every episode of Friends. Most days, this isn’t a problem though.

Push-Up Bras

Review of Lively Push Up Bras

I didn’t like these. I tried both the Geo Lace Push Up and the Smooth Geo Trim Push Up (I don’t think either of these are available anymore, but try the no-wire style). I used to be a strictly push up bra kinda gal, but you could see the pattern of the lace on these through my shirts and after feeling how comfy the T-Shirt bras were, I didn’t want any extra material or padding bothering me.

No-Wire Bras

Deep V No-Wire

Review of Lively Deep V No-Wire Bra

I have the Deep V No-Wire in Black and Soft Pink and like to wear these with the back straps hooked together at the J-hook, otherwise, I feel like my boobs are trying to run away from each other. The J-hook helps to hold everything together.

Long-Lined Deep V No-Wire

Review of Lively Long Line Deep V No-Wire

One of my latest purchases was the Long-Lined Deep V No-Wire and I am not in love with it. It doesn’t come with a J-hook, so I can’t bring the girls in close, and the band tends to roll up when I bend or move at all. I will say, LIVELY has excellent customer service because I ordered the color block version and it was supposed to be back ordered for a month, but it was SO delayed that they refunded me and still shipped me the bra when it came in.

UPDATE: I think I have the wrong size of this bra, so if you are between sizes go a cup size down on this one.

Lively Bralettes

Review of Lively Bralettes

LIVELY bralettes are super comfortable. I have the Mesh Trim Bralette and the Cross Back Bralette, and at a size 34C, I wish they had a little bit more support, but overall I like them. The Mesh Trim Bralette does a better job since it has a back hook and adjustable straps, so you can customize it to fit you a little better. The Cross Back Bralette is really just for lounging around the house since my boobs have a tendency to fall out of it without warning.

Review of Lively Lace Bralettes

Hannah has the Palm Lace Bralette and the Long Line Lace Bralette in a size Large and prefers the regular length Palm Lace Bralette for the same reason I didn’t love the Long Line No-Wire Bra: the band tends to roll. Both of these lace options have hooks and adjustable straps though, so they are pretty flexible.

Review of Lively Busty Bralette

My favorite is the Busty Bralette, even if you aren’t crazy “busty”, the support sling inside holds up the girls and it feels a little more substantial than the regular bralette. I have the Busty Bralette in black and am about to order the soft pink and maybe the Palm Lace Busty Bralette, too. Sizing: I ordered the size 1 and it has a snug band but fits well for my 34C (previously D, but the Whole30 weight loss started in my boobs).

Update 3.28.18

The Busty Bralette is no longer my fave because, at a 34C, the Busty Bralette is too full-coverage for my liking. I’ve gone back to the regular LIVELY bralette and while I wish it had light padding or a supportive sling of its own, the coverage is better for my size. I would still 100% recommend the Busty Bralette for anyone with a D and above!


Review of Lively Strapless Bra

LIVELY just launched a strapless bra last week and I am interested in trying the Smooth Strapless. I try not to buy anything that requires a strapless bra or dry cleaning because I am not about either of those things, but sometimes you can’t avoid it, so this bra looks like a good one to try.

Update 3.28.18

I now own the Smooth Strapless and wore it for a full workday, for science. The LIVELY Smooth Strapless has a longer band than other strapless bras I’ve tried, so I had to get used to feeling the band lower on my ribs. Usually, when I feel a strapless band down lower, it means the bra has slid down and is essentially falling off. The strapless stayed in place pretty well, but I did have to go from the loosest to the middle hooks during the day. I would consider sizing down on this if you want to make sure it won’t slip and slide down while you’re wearing it. Robin also owns the LIVELY Smooth Strapless and thought the cup fabric was a little bit thin. I’m excited to try the No-Wire Strapless for science, next!


Lively Review, matching bra and undies set

If you are looking for bras or undies, hit up LIVELY and let me know what you pick! Get $10 off by creating an account using this link then use code AMB-andthenwetried2 at checkout!

They also have a swimwear line and a selection of bodysuits (you know Hannah is into those), so they have you covered no matter what you are trying to get into.

UPDATE 3.28.18

Check out my review of the LIVELY Active line here. 

This post contains affiliate links.
Lively Underwear and Bra Review


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