Little Black Dresses + a Rent the Runway Referral Code for $30 off

I have a gala to attend in February and like any good debt monster, I want a new dress. So, time to get busy with my favorite hobby: online shopping for literally anything. The event dress code is cocktail to formal and based on press photo stalking from last year’s gala, pretty much everyone was in cocktail dresses. I don’t love rewearing clothes to events that I’ll potentially be photographed at (diva status here) so I thought Rent the Runway would be a good option here. I’m a generous diva though, and there’s no point in keeping all my hard work to myself, so here are my favorite Rent the Runway little black dresses and a Rent the Runway referral code for $30 off your first order.

For anyone who refuses to rent a dress, I found some cool little black dress options you can buy and linked them at the end of the post. The dresses I really liked were all a zillion dollars, so renting something nice seemed better for me.

My Rent the runway little black dress wishes:

  • Something unique like cutouts or an asymmetrical detail
  • Sequins are fine
  • I’d love some options with sleeves since it will be freezing
  • Short or long is fine
  • Nothing too sexy, but nothing too covered up either. I know I joke about being the Goldilocks of paint colors, but maybe I’m also the Goldilocks of sexiness. Something to ponder.
  • Under $150

Here’s what I found. Warning: these veer more into the category of statement dresses rather than a true LBD.

Our favorite Rent the Runway little black dresses. These LBDs pack a punch and are totally more of a statement dress than a closet staple. Make a splash at your next event!

1. Geo Lace Sheath, Cynthia Rowley, $75

I love that the lace on this isn’t a floral lace, but more geometric and modern. It looks like it might be a little short though.

2. Midnight Disco Dress, Jill Jill Stuart, $60

This one looks like it would be perfect for eating gala food since it isn’t skin tight. The reviews say you might need some boob tape though, so be prepared.

3. Micah Dress, Stylestalker, $35

I love the look of this one, just throw your hair up in a bun and add some earrings. Reviews say the mesh on the side rides up a bit when you sit, so I think this one will be TOO SEXY for my event.

4. Cold Shoulder Dress, Keepsake, $40

I’m torn between this and #5 for my February event. I love the low back on this and the front has a modest V-neck for balance. The sleeves flare out a little bit which is dangerous for eating dips, but maybe there won’t be any dips at the gala?

5. Illusion Trumpet Dress, Nicole Miller, $75

Love, love, love this one. My only concern would be if the length is too long and it hits at a weird spot. Also, all the reviewers wore shoes like the model and I can barely walk as it is. Think it could work with a boot or something chunkier?

6. Jennifer Wave Popover Gown, Badgley Mishka, $100

You can’t really see in the pic, but this one has a cool crop top overlay on the black dress. Looks interesting but maybe not $100 worth of interesting. Could be $70 worth of interesting though with this Rent the Runway referral code.

7. Keep Him Guessing Gown, Cut 25, $70

TBH mostly interested in this because of the name. Thought it would be hilarious to wear this to my girlfriend’s work gala.

8. Forbidden Territory Gown, Badgley Mishka, $70

This one looks like it would be warm and comfortable to wear, plus the draping would allow me to actually eat dinner. Score!

9. Black Illusion Gown, Nicole Miller, $85

I love the illusion cutouts which are helping make that deep V a little less sexyyyyy.

10. Carnie Gown, Jay Godfrey, $80

Apparently, I’m a huge fan of illusion mesh. This one reminds me of fun, cutout leggings, which is a plus.

11. Black Cover of Darkness Gown, Theia, $125

Another one with a cool back, this reminded me of Diana’s dress with a giant sword shoved down the back in Wonder Woman. Total power dress.

12. Liva Gown, Solace London, $90

This one is very cLaSsY, but the open shoulder gives it a little oomph.

Honorable mention, this jumpsuit

At this point, I’m leaning towards option 4 or 5, or should maybe just stop being a diva and rewear something I already own. Which is your fave? Any other options out there? I love a structured, architectural dress, so hit me with any designers/stores I should look at.

Rent the Runway Referral Code

Use this link to get $30 off your first rental over $60

As promised, here are some black dresses you can buy, the prices are all over the place:

P.S. Online shopping for a super specific thing is legit one of our favorite hobbies, so if you are looking for a personal shopper, let us know! Between me, Robin, and Hannah, we’ve got you covered. We’re ready to shop for clothes, furniture, accessories, tools, gadgets, gizmos, literally anything…

Rent the Runway Referral Code and Black Statement Dresses. Save $30 off your first order with our referral code and see our favorite black dresses


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