Holiday Gift Guide: Dads. Honestly so hard to shop for and probably just asks for socks

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gift guides: dads

DADS. Why are they so hard to shop for? And why do they have hobbies like American history and fitness? Much like moms, you can bet that the dad on your list doesn’t want you spending your hard-earned money on him and would rather spend time together. Your best bet is to combine the practical with the sentimental this Christmas.

gift guides: dadsBeer of the Month Club

If your dad is the one who taught you how to appreciate good beer, this one is a no-brainer. Give him the gift of 12 hard-to-find beers every month and he might even share some with you.

Custom Pet Socks

We know your dad is a softy at heart and loves the family dog like one of his own kids. Send Divvy Up a snapshot of your pup (or cat) and gift your dad custom socks he can’t get anywhere else.

Custom Pet Sweatshirt

While the socks may be more low key, this is for the truly OBSESSED. Go for them both and he’ll have an outfit to stun the entire family. Grab your custom pet sweatshirt here.

1000 Colors Puzzle

Dads love puzzles. We don’t know why but we know it’s true. He’ll love it even more if you spend the afternoon putting it together with him. Let us recommend this 1000 colors puzzle that is sure to give you both a run for your money and plenty of quality time.

Toms Slippers

Slippers are such a simple item that is sure to make Dad feel pampered. These are hip buffalo check, plus being Toms, you know your money is doing good.

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