Bryr Clogs Review – Bringing Clogs into the 21st Century

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bryr clogs close up review

I am so excited to share with you guys a brand that I have been OBSESSED with for the past year. Bryr Clogs are a line of handmade shoes based in San Francisco and founded by lady boss, Isobel Schofield. But these aren’t regular clogs, they’re cool clogs. Transforming the once dated shoe into your new go-to that you’ll find yourself wearing everyday.

Video by vanessa mona hellmann.

Take a look at how they HAND MAKE all their shoes in their San Francisco studio. I’m so obsessed guys. It’s too much.

bryr clog shop san francisco

How cute is their studio? If you live in San Francisco (or visit), stopping in is a must. There are so many to try on and so many decisions to make. While it may seem overwhelming, just remember you’re not curing cancer and have fun slipping on all the sample shoes. You really can mix and match ankle straps and different toe styles to make your perfect pair. Every pair is made to order in the studio.

bryr clogs heel height

There are two heel heights; the high heel (top) which is 3.5″ high and mid heel (bottom) which is about 2.25″ high. The high heel definitely feels sassy, but still easy to walk in, and the mid heel is just enough added height to make you feel put together but still to live your life.

bryr clogs detail

While they are on the more expensive side of my shoe budget, the attention to detail is unmistakable and really feels like you’re getting a quality shoe that will last you a long time. Plus look at all these colors and try not to be dreaming of all your future outfits.

For a true comparison, here are both pairs styled with the blog’s very favorite jean, the Levi’s wedgies.

High Heel: Miranda

miranda bryr clogs

Miranda high heel in Sable nubuck.

My first pair were the Miranda high heel. They are slightly more dressy but still perfect for meetings and have been worn through two weddings where I danced all night and my feet still didn’t hurt. Since I purchased while visiting the studio I was able to switch out the peep toe for the spanish toe.

Mid Heel: Clementine

clementine bryr clogs

Clementine mid heel in Whiskey leather.

The second pair are more casual and only the mid heel this time. They are the Clementine in my very favorite, Whiskey leather. The shorter heel is great for every day and perfect for fall. This is the pair I find myself reaching for since they are so comfy and match everything. Quick note on sizing, I found when I went down to the mid heel I needed to go up a size. This is when it was especially helpful to try all the options on in the studio and see what fit.

Clog Care

bryr clogs review

After getting a few scuffs in my first pair—and trying not to freak out—I emailed the company to ask about the best product to use on the wood. They recommended Murphy Wood Cleaner and it worked wonders. Now I just make sure to wipe them down with the cleaner after a few wears to keep them looking nice.

Honestly the hardest part is waiting the 30 days for your shoes to be made. It’s a true test in patience. If you’re thinking these would make a perfect Christmas gift, their cut off is November 27th so make your selections quickly!

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