Hair Color Restrospective

Guys, I have had my current hair color for a FULL YEAR. This is the longest I’ve kept one color for a while and since my hairstylist, Sarah @ Big Primpin, will be back in town for a few days around Thanksgiving, I snatched up an appointment to make a big change. (‘Tis the season, I guess, see Emily Henderson’s hair journey here.) So now, I get to spend the next two weeks dreaming up new hairstyles, but I thought I’d take a walk down hair-memory lane first. 

Curly Haired Toddler

I was a bald baby and when I finally grew some hair, it was blonde and curly. HOW PRECIOUS. Also, is it just me or does that shirt look like it might be fashionable for adults now???

A Million Feet of Blonde Hair

I had insanely long, stick straight hair for about five years. My natural hair color is a medium blonde, but it gets very light in the summer.

Throwback to High School dances with fellow ATWT-er, Hannah. Those curls are courtesy of sponge curlers.

Hair color courtesy of lifeguarding all summer

A Million Feet of Mohawk

This was probably the most interesting thing I did with my million feet of hair. It took several people to help get my hair twisted into these spikes, but thankfully our art school education wasn’t a total waste.

This took a lot of hair gel and some strategic hair twisting


I’m far enough removed from these bangs now that I’m at the point where I’m considering having bangs again. They were terrible to style and most days I pinned them back. Self, just say no to bangs. Dare to Resist Drugs and Bangs (that’s the saying, right?)

The First Big Chop

In college, I cut about 16 inches of hair off and donated it. Still trying to make those bangs happen though.

The Gentle Bob

At this length, my hair would curl under around my face and the overall effect was very… gentle. Not my fave.

The Actual Big Chop

I was tired of always getting the same haircut, so I went in with pics of Jennifer Lawrence and got all my hair cut off. *This pic is the second or third version of this pixie, the first round was pretty tragic. It took a lot of confidence to have hair this short, but most days I liked it.

Fun with Bleach

I found out pretty quickly that my super short hair worked better in platinum. It took it in an edgier direction instead of a soccer mom one.

Panic Purple

I got my eyebrows tinted and was SHOCKED at how dark they were, so I used the extra purple dye from dying Hannah’s hair purple ombre and slapped it on my platinum hair to try to distract from the brows. I loved it and got hooked on rainbow hair colors.

The Blues

I worked my way through a range of teal and blue colors. Well, Sarah worked through it, I just sat there.

Pastel Blue

I liked the pastel blue/silver color a lot. It looked different depending on the light, so it was a little greener or more silvery like in this pic from Hannah’s dad’s wedding.

Two-tone Blue

This was a fun one, too. Definitely, a lot of color on the roots though, so I had to switch my bedding to have navy pillowcases since the color would bleed and stain my white pillows.

Seen here, petting a wolf.

Back to Platinum

I’d say at this point I was officially done growing out the pixie and my hair was a purposeful length. I was trying to be a bit lower maintenance so I went with a super casual platinum blonde.

Pink + Undercut

Then I got bored of the platinum and tried pink hair. Plus, an undercut that looked good for about a week and then I was over it. Growing that out was very annoying because I would forget about it and go to put my hair up in a ponytail and have a tragic reverse mullet happening. Loved the pink though!


I (Sarah) dyed my hair brown right before Thanksgiving last year. We kept some of the pieces lighter thoughout, but it was mostly one color.

Next, we lightened up the ends and added some pink back in.

Had to coordinate my hair with my rally sign

Ombré Balayage Brunette

Here is what I’m working with now. My hair is pretty light on the ends and I have been touching up my roots with a 4NN medium intense brown for the past few months.

I’m over the brunette though and ready for a new look.

I’m debating going back to an icy white platinum, or leaping back into rainbow hair with this deep purpley magenta color.

What do you think? White or magenta? And, can I have bangs? Should I cut my hair a little shorter? Let me know what you’d do in the comments!


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