Fall Fashion Wishlist: 2017

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and then we tried fall fashion wishlist

Even though it may not be pumpkin-everything quite yet, we’re already starting our lists and thinking of cool, crisp days. Here’s our Fall Fashion Wishlist and what we’re daydreaming of wearing once the temperatures start dropping.


Utility Jacket

I have an old utility jacket from American Eagle, but it is starting to fall apart. Time to shop for something new! I like having a lightweight layer to throw on in the Fall and prefer that my jackets are long enough to at least partially cover my butt. Bonus points for having a hood!

Casual Long Sleeve Tops

Last year I bought a bunch of long cardigans that are perfect layering over my summery tank tops. Now, I’m looking for some casual long sleeve tops for those days when putting two things on top of my body is just TOO MUCH.

High Rise Black Jeans

Since Urban Outfitters decided to start making their Super High Rise Twing jeans in a terrible quality fabric, I’m on the hunt for a high waisted pair of black jeans. I’m crushed because the BDG version of the high rise black jeans used to be great and affordable and now I might have to drop some real cash on a new pair of jeans. Ripped knees are fine, low rise is NOT FINE.


Oversized Denim Jacket

I am always looking for the perfect denim jacket. It is so hard to find one that fits right! And now I’m on the hunt for an oversized and slightly baggy version. Madewell of course came out with one right as I’m looking but seems like there are also more affordable options out there. Any suggestions?

Everyday Mules

Every six months or so I have to invest in a new pair of everyday flats. These are my go-to, wear all the time shoe. I’ve been loving the d’orsay style but I feel like Fall is calling for a mule. Flats are an easy swap for my current worn out shoes but maybe I could do something with a small heel?


Light Duster Coat

Living in Southern California means never really needing a heavy jacket, but always needing something. A lightweight duster coat would be just the trick. Plus I like that they look great over more formal dresses (which I never have an appropriate coat for) while at the same time, great with casual jeans and flats. I love the sleek modern ones from boohoo. Has anyone ordered from them before?



White Sneakers

Am I obsessed with Stan Smiths because I read on a blog one time that everyone in Paris was wearing them? Yes, yes I am. I’ve been considering buying a pair (with navy accents, of course) but I don’t actually need any more shoes. Whether or not that stops me remains to be seen.


High Rise Boyjeans

I am, of course, very dedicated to my Levi’s Wedgie jeans, but I’ve been poking around to see what else is out there as far as a high rise, straight fit pair of jeans. Those Madewell Boyjeans with an 11″ rise are calling my name!


Waxed Cotton Jacket

Every fall I consider buying a Barbour Beadnell jacket. I’ve yet to pull the trigger since I have so many jackets already, but once the weather dips below 65 degrees I can’t help but picture all of my outfits topped off with that Barbour jacket. Maybe I should just go for something similar but more affordable.


And if you’ve still got summer on the brain—or want to snag those end of season sales—here’s what we were loving for this summer.

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