Can I Wear a Bodysuit? A Bodysuit Roundup

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reformation amy bodysuit black can i wear a bodysuit?

I know the bodysuit trend has been going on for a while now, but I never quite understood it and wrote it off as not being for me. But then I saw the Amy Bodysuit from Reformation and I thought, can I wear a bodysuit?

Whether I can (or should) remains to be seen, but I was determined nonetheless.

I’ve got other items on my summer wishlist, and my budget (lol) doesn’t really allow for an $80 wildcard trend purchase, so I promptly fell into a bodysuit spiral in hopes of finding something similar for approximately a quarter of the price.

The thing that I was trying to recreate from the Reformation bodysuit was the sideboob potential. Low arm holes or essentially backless were some of the qualities I was honing in on. I have a ribcage tattoo that I got specifically so that it would be easy to conceal, but sometimes it’s fun to show it off a little, and this seemed like a way to do it. Of course, the more I got into the bodysuit search, the more I found different styles that I liked.

Other thoughts that were front of mind during this search included:

  • Is it the late ‘80s/early ‘90s?
  • Can I wear a bra with any of these?
  • Do I wear underwear with a bodysuit?
  • Where would I ever wear a bodysuit?
  • Am I essentially looking for a non-bathing suit version of my ideal one-piece?
  • What are the odds that after three glasses of pink wine I can successfully pee while wearing one of these?
  • Am I too old to wear a bodysuit? Do I care?
  • I wore a sideboob-baring tank top recently and was incredibly self-conscious the entire time. Why would a bodysuit be better?
  • I will never wear most of these. They barely count as clothes.

Regardless, I rounded up a bunch of affordable bodysuits (with the exception of the Good American one, thanks, Khloé Kardashian), just in case I decide that this is a trend I should get behind.

can I wear a bodysuit? roundup

  1. Reformation Amy Bodysuit
  2. Asos Bodysuit with Pom Pom Ruffle and Low Back
  3. Out From Under Annie Strappy Back Bodysuit
  4. Asos Scoopback Bodysuit with Super 80s High Leg
  5. Missguided Low Back Strappy Bodysuit
  6. Good American KHLO$ Bodysuit
  7. Out From Under So Over It Bodysuit
  8. Asos Tank Bodysuit with Scoop Back
  9. Madewell Indie Henley Bodysuit in Stripe
  10. Out From Under Cindy Seamless Bodysuit
  11. AEO Soft & Sexy Mesh Bar Bodysuit
  12. AEO Don’t Ask Why Tie Strap Bodysuit
  13. AEO Henley Bodysuit
  14. PrettyLittleThing Stripe Plunge Side Bodysuit
  15. Out From Under Micah Seamless Ribbed Bodysuit

So, what do you think? Can I wear a bodysuit? Do you wear them? Someone teach me how this works.

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