Make a Statement: DIY Pom Pom Earrings

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I have been crushing on these adorable pom pom earrings from for a while now. Remember how I can’t stop putting pom poms on everything? Well apparently that extends to my ears. However, being the incessant do-it-yourselfer that I am, I decided I could make these myself. See below for the full how-to on making your own DIY pom pom earrings.

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The Inspiration Earrings

Learn how to make adorable DIY pom pom earrings!


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I decided to go with the smallest size pom poms. They come out to about one inch. If you’ve got the flair, feel free to go with one of the larger sizes.

1. Using the pom pom maker create two poms.

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2. Remove the tassels at the ends (and save for another project!) so you just have the loops.

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3. Thread a small amount of florist wire through the loop.
4. Carefully push the wire through the center of the pom.

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5. Twist the wire around itself a few times to secure.

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6. Push the twisted part of the wire into the pom to disguise.
pom earring DIY
7. Wear with everything!
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