Dark Teal House Paint Reveal (Before and After!)

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Sherwin Williams Seaworthy exterior paint

My house painting is finally done! (I think… more on that next week.) I’m thrilled with the dark teal house paint color I chose: Sherwin Williams Seaworthy. I have started to completely forget that the house was ever lemon yellow, which is an ideal outcome for any painting project. It looks like it should have always been this color.

Let’s get straight to the good stuff, then I’ll share a few details about the house painting process.

Dark teal house paint reveal. Paint color: Sherwin Williams Seaworthy

Now, I don’t want this post to just be before and after pictures.  So, here is the typical process for getting aluminum siding professionally painted:

  1. Power wash and scrub the house and let this dry for a couple days. Aluminum siding needs to be scrubbed since it tends to oxidize and create a chalky residue on the siding.
  2. Caulk seams around the house to prevent future water damage.
  3. Scrape any wood trim where the paint might be flaking off.
  4. Remove shutters or downspouts that might be in the way.
  5. Start painting the siding. This might be spray, or paint brush and roller.
  6. Give the siding a second coat. The original lemon yellow needed several coats to fully cover everything.
  7. Paint the shutters and re-hang them.
  8. Paint the trim and put all the downspouts back up.
  9. Check the house for any missed spots.
  10. Pour yourself a glass of rosé and enjoy!

Here is the back of the house post power-wash:

The back: before

The back, after they painted:

Dark teal house paint reveal. Paint color: Sherwin Williams Seaworthy

House paint looking fresh, but the all-American color pallet wasn’t working for me

After they wrapped up the house paint, The deck was looking worse than ever, so obviously I had to refinish it immediately. Over the weekend, I spent about ten hours refinishing the back deck and accidentally slow roasting my back to match the original red paint. Note to self: wear a shirt or at least some sunscreen. I’ll do a quick run-down of the deck updates soon, but for all our Instagram peeps, I hope you enjoyed the live progress on our story!

UPDATE: See how I refinished the deck here.

Dark teal house paint reveal. Paint color: Sherwin Williams Seaworthy with a fresh new deck

The back: fresh new deck!

Dark teal house paint reveal. Paint color: Sherwin Williams Seaworthy

Sherwin Williams Seaworthy exterior paint

The porch all decked out last summer:

Same furniture this year. The new paint makes such a difference when you are sitting out there, it feels like brand new furniture!Lakewood, Ohio front porch

I repainted my front door hot pink! The color is Cerise by HGTV for Sherwin Williams at Lowes. I still need to do another coat, but here’s a quick pic of my progress. The pink definitely pops more from the street than the old light teal did.

Hot pink front door on dark Teal house

Update (7.2.17) I just added another couple coats of paint to the doors, so here are a few more hot pink door pics:

Almost a century of paint layers on here!

Cerise hot pink front door against a Farrow + Ball Hague Blue front hall

Hot pink side door with the white beadboard.

Hot pink in the back hall!

Let’s close it out with a few side-by-sides:

Swipe to see the paint magic:

What do you think? Have any of you recently made any big changes to the outside of your house?

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