Turning a Society6 Tapestry into a DIY Extra-Long Shower Curtain

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Other than paint (remember the neon colors I started with?!) a fresh new shower curtain made the biggest impact in my bathroom renovation! After not having any luck finding extra-long shower curtains I liked, I found all of the amazing designs Society6 has to offer and turned a Society6 tapestry into a DIY extra-long shower curtain.

DIY Extra-Long Shower Curtain Supplies:

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I should clarify that Society6 does have a shower curtain option for their products, but the dimensions are 71″ x 74″ and I wanted an extra-long shower curtain to really bring the drama. I picked this Kina tapestry by Patricia Vargas (aka Parima Studio) and because it is an abstract design it was easier to trim off one end to make it the perfect size for my shower.

Kina by Patricia Vargas tapestry

The Society6 tapestry fabric is pretty thin and silky, so you’ll definitely need to get a nice shower curtain liner to go with it. I ordered the largest size of the tapestry and held it up in my shower to determine where to mount the tension rod and where I would need to cut the fabric. I left the length as is, and needed to trim the sides down to fit the width of my shower. Leave a few extra inches of length on your tapestry so you can create your buttonholes at the top.

For my shower, I cut the tapestry down to approximately an 88″ square and hemmed the cut end.

Creating the DIY extra-long shower curtain button holes

First, fold over the top of your tapestry and sandwich the waistband interfacing to add some strength to your buttonholes. Next, mark where the holes need to go by laying your liner on top of your tapestry fabric and lining up the edges, then mark the position of each hole. Hopefully, your sewing machine has a buttonhole foot, otherwise, you’ll need to get one of those.

Make a DIY extra long shower curtain from a Society6 tapestry

Next, install your tension rod close to the ceiling, at the height you measured before trimming/hemming. The good thing about the tension rod is that you can alter the height a little bit if you got too crazy with the hemming. I definitely appreciate having that flexibility with a DIY project!

Hook your shower curtain and liner up to the clips and then you have a new DIY extra-long shower curtain!

It is very hard to get a picture of this bathroom, but you can see how dramatic the curtain is from the hall

Don’t have a sewing machine or a designated seamstress on call?

I think you could probably skip the button hole steps if you used these clip hooks instead, I haven’t tried these on a shower curtain though, only regular window curtains. Your DIY extra-long shower curtain might be a little too wide for your shower if you don’t want to cut and hem it, but just evenly space the clips and I think it’ll work out!

Kina tapestry by Patricia Vargas on Society6 as a DIY extra long shower curtain

Just like a huge modern art piece for the shower

I bet there are a ton of uses for these Society6 tapestries, so let me know your ideas in the comments. I’m picturing them as great photography backdrops or options for a photo booth background at a wedding or other party.


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