Choosing a Kitchen Countertop Tray

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I have been searching for a small kitchen countertop tray to hold this gorgeous decanter for a few months now. Something modern and pretty that I wouldn’t mind having sit out on the countertop all the time. Since I only have a small space available, it was really hard to find a tray that was large enough to hold the decanter/bottle of wine/etc. yet small enough not to get in the way day-to-day.

1. Rectangular Tray with Leather Handles  2. Acacia Plank Cheese Board  3. Copper Cast Round Tray  4. Paris Map Wooden Tray  5. Skinny Gold Serving Tray  6. Hi-Gloss Square Pink Tray  7. Marble Rectangle Tray  8. Oval Marble and Wood Serving Board   9. Acacia Wood Platter  10. Glass Vanity Tray  11. Acrylic Tray


So here are the options I’ve been trying:

1. Acacia Wood Platter

Matches another small wood dish in the kitchen
*Michelle used the larger version of this tray for her DIY Mid-Century Plant Stands

2. Oval Marble and Wood Serving Board

Marble matches coffee table in adjoining room

3. Acacia Plank Cheese Board

Sleek and modern but warm with the wood

What do you guys think? Any other amazing trays you’ve seen recently? 

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