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I spend a lot of time on Craigslist searching for great pieces of furniture to fix up. Unfortunately, I don’t always have the time or money to work on all of the great things I find. Enter, Craigslist Remix. We can all get the satisfaction of seeing a before and after (with a little Photoshop magic) even though I don’t have space in my garage to make it happen.

Of course, if you love something you see in a Craigslist Remix and can’t live without it, let me know and I’ll snag it from a Craigslist weirdo and fix it up for you!

First up
A set of four rattan back, cantilever chairs with a dirty/dusty pink cushion.

What grabbed my attention?

I loved the tied rattan back and the contrast with the metal cantilever legs.

Check out a past cantilever chair project if you aren’t sold on how cool they are.



Option 1:

With clean light grey or white cushions:


Option 2:

With a fun tropical print to play off the rattan back


My favorite is Option 2 and I’m picturing these surrounded by plants for a real Jungalow look.

Fabric:  Tommy Bahama Indoor/Outdoor Beach Bounty Lush Green


  • Which is your favorite chair option? Do you hate them all?
  • What other fabrics do you think would work on these?
  • How would you use these chairs?

Currently Trying:

To refrain from buying these and filling my house with chairs

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