Dining Room: Before

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From a few steps back, the dining room didn’t seem to be in bad shape, but upon further inspection, it was just as much work as the living room, if not more work. Let’s get into it:

Good, Bad, Weird


  • built-in cabinets
  • natural light
  • leaded glass doors


  • plywood doors on the cupboard between the built-ins
  • the drawers don’t open easily


  • though the trim looks white, it’s actually a very yellow cream color
  • smoke trails on the windowsill, Linda must have had a ton of seances or something in here
  • red accent panel below the window
  • there is a ceiling fan instead of a chandelier
  • this is more of a whole house thing, but every room was wired for cable in multiple places. there was so much cable in this house.

diningroom-before-builtin-full diningroom-before-builtin diningroom-before-corner diningroom-before-outsideview

Immediate Plans

  • paint the walls
  • paint the trim
  • refinish the floors
  • replace the ceiling fan with a new light fixture

Future Plans

  • replace the plywood doors on the large cupboard

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