Installing a Vent Hood: A DIY Adventure

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Disclaimer: Prior to this project I knew nothing about installing a vent hood. All of this was DIY and we were learning as we went, so if you aren’t comfortable making these kinds of decisions I would suggest hiring a professional.

A vent hood or exhaust fan is one of those things that you don’t really notice until you don’t have one. I never thought about it being a crucial part of a kitchen until Zac was making bacon one day and the entire first floor of our house was filled with smoke and the smell of bacon. Now, I was fine with the house smelling like bacon when we were about to eat some, but when the smell was still lingering three days later I was officially over it. Much to Zac’s delight, I decided that we had lived without a kitchen exhaust long enough and it was time to start installing a vent hood.Keep Reading

Obsessions 09.01.17

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Before we dive into this week’s obsessions, we want to take a minute to address the devastation that has hit Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. While there are plenty of ways to help, we suggest donating to make sure that the displaced pets in the Houston area are taken care of. If you can, please consider donating to the SPCA of Texas, who is working to provide disaster relief to affected pets. Even better? Donate through Momma’s Gone City, who is matching all donations to the SPCA of Texas made through her Facebook page. She also has a great list of other places to donate.

And now onto our regularly scheduled And Then We Tried obsessions.

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Finishing your space with scent; in partnership with Piece by Paz candles

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Picture it; you’re having people over…the cheese plate is out, your wine is carefully selected and you’ve got the closest candle lit. Or in my case a candle in nearly every room a guest is likely to stumble into. We all burn candles but do we ever think about what the scents are really saying about our individual spaces? To help us with our scent dilemma, we’ve partnered with our friends, Piece by Paz, to try to use scent to express our individual homes.

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Easy Summer Tomato Recipes

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This was my first summer planting a vegetable garden and my lack of experience shows in the fact that all six of our tomato plants will be ready to harvest at the same. damn. time. That means that we will soon have an abundance of tomatoes in our house and while I love a BLT as much as the next girl, I’m in need of some summer tomato recipes to make sure our haul doesn’t go to waste.Keep Reading