Brooklinen Towel Review + Referral Code for $25 off

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brooklinen towel review

After trying Brooklinen sheets last summer and giving them a good review, I knew just where to turn when my towels were in dire need of replacement. After giving them a try, read on for my full Brooklinen towel review.

brooklinen towel review

Image courtesy of Brooklinen

Overall Feel

As the name suggests these towels are super plush. Much more than any towels I’ve had before and they are the softest as well. However, with the plushness is a heavier towel which I’ve really only noticed when wrapped around my hair and trying to balance on my head.

8/10- Great feel but hard to wrap around your hair


The Brooklinen towels come in two sizes; the bath towel 30″ × 58″ and the bath sheet 40″ × 70″. We went with the bath towel even though I thought the luxury of a 70″ towel would be wonderful. My husband talked me down to the more reasonable size. Which even though this is their smaller towel, it is still a good 5″ longer than my old ones. If you’ve been on the hunt for a larger towel this would be a great option for you.

10/10- Love that even the smaller size is larger than my previous ones.

Color Selection

One downfall of the Brooklinen towels is the limited color selection. They only come in the four colors below.

brooklinen towel review

Image courtesy of Brooklinen

I always get white so we can bleach when needed but they are missing some staple colors like navy or brown.

7/10- The colors they do have are nice but not the largest selection.


The bath towels run $69 for a set of two while the bath sheets run $89 for two. These do make for an expensive set of towels but are on par with the Parachute versions. One major downfall is that you have to buy them in pairs. While this isn’t bad initially, if you ever need to replace just one you’re out of luck.

7/10- Quality naturally costs more but having to buy in pairs is inconvenient.

Image courtesy of Brooklinen

All in all for my Brooklinen towel review, I would give them an 8/10. Solid option, soft, thick, and plush but a much needed expansion in the color options would help as well as the ability to buy them individually.

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