Perfection or Earth Stuff: Chemical or Organic Lawn Care in Cleveland

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Hello, I’m having a crisis. I’ve been trying to grow a new front lawn since last fall and I’m officially admitting defeat. My lawn has some sections of awesome, thick grass, but a lot of it is just still dirt or solid weeds. The whole point was to burn the weed-lawn to the ground and start fresh with dirt and seed, but at this point, maybe I would have been better off aggressively hand weeding the lawn. So even though I love doing anything and everything DIY-style, and as a Certified Poor TM this is usually more cost-effective, I’m about to outsource some lawn care, which leads me to this internal debate: do I care more about having a perfect lawn or earth stuff, aka do I want chemical or organic lawn care?

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Obsessions: 06.01.18

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So, somehow, we still had to work this week despite summer unofficially kicking off over the weekend. Between Memorial Day and all of our teacher friends wrapping up their school years, it really seems like we should all just not have to work over the summer. Anyone else start to think they’re in the wrong industry when June rolls around? Other than figuring out how to get summers off, here’s what we’ve been thinking about in this week’s And Then We Tried obsessions.Keep Reading

Packing for Greece in the Spring

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Robin and I got back from Greece last week and I have been obsessed with keeping the breezy Grecian vibes going since then. We went to Athens, Corfu, Kefalonia, and Patras, and then stopped in a few towns on our drive back to Athens. I changed up my packing method for this trip and it was a game-changer. Keep reading to see our recommendations for packing for Greece in spring. Keep Reading

One Room Challenge Week Six: DIY Kitchen Makeover Reveal

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Pop the pink wine, fam! The DIY kitchen makeover reveal is finally here! If you remember where we left off last week, a LOT of things still needed to happen. The lower boxes needed to be primed and painted, the lower door hardware needed to be installed (including jury-rigging a few of the latches), the island needed to be assembled, a light needed to be installed, and we needed to install the backsplash. Just a few things! But, we did it!Keep Reading