Enso Silicone Ring Review

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enso silicone ring review

Before departing on our trip to Greece a few weeks ago I was on the look out for the perfect travel-friendly wedding ring alternative. Any one else feel nervous wearing yours around? And on this particular day, I was in a dangerous shopping mood and was swayed to try one of the Enso silicone rings*. Now if you’ve looked into these, I know what you’re thinking; $40 for a bit of silicone? Yup, you heard it right. But before you get scared off, read on for our full Enso silicone ring review.

*This post is not sponsored. I really did spend $40 of my own dollars to try this baby out.

Update: We’ve had a lot of people ask why you would wear a silicone ring. There are many reasons why someone may choose to go the non-metal route. They may work in an industry where a metal ring is a legitimate safety concern or even just a hassle. Or they may simply be allergic to various metals or find rings uncomfortable (this was definitely my husband). 

For me personally, before heading to Greece I envisioned us swimming in the Mediterranean Sea for hours and finding ourselves spontaneously on yachts. (You can read what we really did here) I didn’t want to worry about losing my rings or having to take them off and on and remembering them in every hotel. A silicone ring was the perfect option, if I lost it in the sea, I wouldn’t have cared plus it gave me the freedom to leave it on for whatever activity we did.

enso ring review

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From my brief research, I’ve found that Enso is like the Tevas of silicone rings and really trying to make them cool. Now I don’t know who would wear five of these but she seems to be loving it.

Here’s me, looking exactly like the model:

enso silicone ring review


  1. By far the best part (and why I purchased it) was not worrying AT ALL. I could slather on sunscreen without a second thought; I could get greasy saganaki all over it and was not worried; swimming in the pool or sea was not a concern. For being in vacation mode this was exactly what I needed. And while I’m not too protective of my regular ring I do think about it every time I go to put on lotion or wash the dishes.
  2. The second pro was the ring and silicone were extremely light and comfortable. I put it on when I was leaving my house and didn’t take it off till I was back home again. No need to take it off while you shower or swim, it is really pretty indestructible with normal wear and tear.
  3. But if you do find a way to damage it, Enso offers a lifetime warranty on their rings and you can reach out to them for a replacement.
  4. I really liked that the elements line of the Enso rings had a slight metallic sheen. While I would never say this 100% passes for metal, at a quick glance it was fairly convincing. Much better than the matte colored versions.
  5. Sold on Amazon prime which was very appreciated as I purchased this just days before we left for the trip.


  1. The only real con of the Enso ring is cost. $40 is a steep price for a ring of silicone. But to their credit, the other rings sold (not the metallic) are more in the $12-$24 range.

enso silicone ring review

Final Thoughts

For the purpose I needed this for it fit the bill exactly. Plus I still find myself wearing it to the gym or beach so that I can keep my metal band looking nice. All in all I would definitely purchase again, however I may need to come to terms with a plain color and therefore less expensive option.

What do you guys think? Would you go for a silicone ring?

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