I’ve been skiing three times, so obviously I need a full ski wardrobe

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I survived skiing last weekend! I went skiing for the third time in my life and managed to not die, so now I get to embark on the best part of any new hobby, shopping for all the gear. For this trip, I borrowed Hannah’s ski jacket, pants, gloves, goggles, socks, clothes, literally all of it, and now that I think I want to ski again, I should buy my own jacket. Bonus: if I don’t have to borrow Hannah’s jacket, that means she can also come skiing and we CAN BE SKI-FRIENDS. Amazing. Here’s everything I’m looking at for my new ski wardrobe. Please chime in in the comments with your recommendations because I’m basing this all purely on aesthetics.

The direction I’m leaning towards for my full ski look is modern graphic ski bunny featuring black, white, grey, and eggplant as my main colors. Of course, I do need all of this to be warm and functional so I’m trying to stick to actual reputable brands. I popped into a bunch of ski shops in Ellicottville and saw a lot of these brands there, so they are probably fine. For my regular, non-ski life I tend to stick to all-black everything, but I was thinking this might make it harder for the rescue helicopter to spot me when I crash into some trees and get stuck. Any professional skiers out there care to weigh in?

  1. O’Neill Coral Ski Jacket
  2. North Face Gatekeeper Ski Jacket
  3. Orage Nina Ski Jacket
  4. Kari Traa Women’s Kryss LS Base Layer Top
  5. Under Armor base layer pant
  6. North Face Freedom Ski Pants
  7. Skhoop Ski Skirt I saw this skirt in a shop and immediately was certain I needed to put together a full ski/apres-ski look. This skirt looks super not practical and I need it.
  8. PrAna Diva Ski Skirt
  9. Turtle Fur Hat + Neck Gaiter
  10. Sorel Winter Carnival Boots I wore these for the first time walking around Ellicottville and they were great! The height is perfect for trudging through snow.

All of these jackets have wrist gaiters which I didn’t know were a thing until I tried on a few ski jackets in stores. I struggled with the jacket/mitten connection and think this should help. Any ski or apres-ski brands I should check out? Or are there certain features in jackets/pants I should look out for? Help!

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