What’s in My Bag? Lo & Sons Pearl Review

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If there’s one thing I’ve spent too much time looking for it’s the perfect purse. But, three years ago I finally found my match. With this Lo & Sons Pearl review, I think I’ll convince you that this is, in fact, the perfect purse.

I first bought the Pearl before a trip to France. I wanted something that could be used for a full day of exploring but still look appropriate for a nice dinner. Basically, I wanted to be able to carry everything I would need without having to lug around a backpack that screamed “tourist.” After some research, I landed on the Pearl by Lo & Sons.

When I first bought the Pearl, they only offered black nappa leather with various hardware and lining options. Despite being someone who doesn’t wear a lot of black (navy and gray are my neutrals of choice), I couldn’t resist this functional little bag so I bought the black nappa leather Pearl with gold hardware and a lavender interior.

This bag served me so well throughout our trip to France. From roaming the streets of Marseille and Avignon to bike tours through Paris, it was the perfect travel companion.

lo & sons pearl review travel

Here we are in Marseille. Zac was also there.

It continued to be my daily bag of choice after the trip due to its size and capacity. And then, a miracle happened: Lo & Sons started offering the Pearl in a camel leather. I jumped at the chance to add another Pearl to my collection.

lo & sons pearl review

The Pearl and I at a baseball game. Some friends came, but the real star here is the purse.

Since acquiring my sienna nappa leather Pearl, I’ll admit that my black version doesn’t get as much action. But either way, these are essentially the only two purses I’ve used or needed the past three years.

The Details

So, what’s so great about this bag? So glad you asked! The Lo & Sons Pearl consists of one main section with two zippered compartments on either side. The front zippered section is padded to protect tech items. Inside the main section, there is one zippered pocket, two slip pockets, a pen pocket, and a key leash. Everything has a home and it’s so easy to stay organized. Additionally, the strap can adjust from a crossbody to a shoulder strap to a clutch.

My main concern when looking for the perfect purse was something that could accommodate my glasses case. Especially when traveling, I wanted to be able to switch between my glasses and my prescription sunglasses with ease. The Lo & Sons Pearl holds my glasses case and so much more.

What’s in My Bag?

Lo & Sons Pearl every day

Here’s what I keep in my purse on a typical day of heading to the office, running errands, or going out with friends.

See everything that fits inside the Lo & Sons Pearl and my full Lo & Sons Pearl review

Lo & Sons Pearl travel purse

And here’s what I carry with me when I’m traveling.

The three snaps across the top of the middle section keep everything secure and while it’s certainly roomy enough to hold the essentials, it’s not so big that it gets heavy and painful to carry throughout a long day.

So, did my Lo & Sons Pearl review convince you? I promise this isn’t sponsored, I’m just this obsessed with this bag. In fact, about half the women in my family now own this purse too. Lo & Sons now offers the Pearl in a bunch of different colors and two types of leather, so there are plenty of options to fit your wardrobe. And if the price tag seems a little hefty (it’s the most expensive purse I own by a long shot), Lo & Sons frequently runs sales that bring the price of the Pearl down to around $170. Still not cheap, but definitely worth it.

I’ve yet to try out any of the other Lo & Sons bags, but I’ve had my eye on the Seville laptop tote for awhile. It has a soft inner bag that goes inside a shell that can be swapped out for other shells when you want to change things up. I love that you can change the look of the bag without having to buy a whole new one and, of course, Lo & Sons’ signature organization on the inside.

P.S. One of my favorite things to do is watch the videos on the Lo & Sons website. They have videos showing how you can pack each of their bags and what they can hold. I just find them so soothing. Seriously, check them out if you haven’t already.

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