Boozy Drink Recipes to Slay Friendsgiving

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easy boozy drink recipes

Looking for a last minute recipe to bring for Friendsgiving? Whether you’ve got time to slow cook mulled cider or have to pick up a few supplies on your way over—totally our style—we’ve got you covered. Whip up one of these boozy drink recipes and you’ll be the guest of honor come next year.

friendsgiving boozy drinks

boozy drinks apple pie moonshine recipe

This recipe comes to us from a friend of the blog’s ex-boyfriend. He may have been a pain in the ass but at least we got something good out of the relationship—this killer recipe. If you make the full batch, it yields 4.5 quarts so divide as needed or make a bunch and store for later.

boozy drinks apple pie moonshine

Serve in a rocks glass like this one from Target or the beautiful Anthropologie version. Garnish with rosemary, cinnamon sticks, and cherries to give it a festive holiday look.

boozy drinks mulled cider recipe

Michelle tried this one last year but after a tragic dental incident with clove-soaked gauze she now has to go sans-cloves all the time. Hence our clove-free version was born and she highly recommends adding bourbon. Lots of bourbon. Make it kid friendly by serving straight out of the crock pot and the adults can spike their glasses with the liquor of their choosing. The original recipe can be found here.

boozy drinks mulled cider

Serve in a simple glass mug and dress up with rosemary, cinnamon stick and an orange wheel for garnish.

boozy drinks apple pie sparkle recipe

Part brandy, part sparkling apple cider, this drink is the perfect fizzy meets sophistication. The recipe comes from Watershed Distillery out of Columbus, Ohio and was the perfect companion to Michelle and Hannah’s Cleveland blogger meet up last week.

boozy drinks apple brandy sparkle

If you like boba tea this one if for you. The pomegranate seeds add a fun texture and the the sparkling cider gives it just enough fizz.

boozy drinks mulled wine recipe

Mulled wine is one of those drinks that really feels like the holidays. Hannah made this Food Network recipe to drink while handing out candy on Halloween. It was delicious and festive but could have stood a little more booze. You can find the original recipe here, but if you’re looking to kick things up a notch we recommend adding some liquor of your choice.

boozy drinks mulled wine

Serve in a fun goblet like this one from Target’s Hearth and Hand with Magnolia collection.

boozy drinks mulled wine garnish

Dress up your garnish by wrapping the rosemary in your orange peel.

friendsgiving boozy drinks

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