Our Target Project 62 Favorites

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Project 62 favorites

It seems like Target has been dropping a new line every month lately. You know we’re loving their new women’s line, A New Day, since several of their pieces showed up on our packing lists and Fall Fashion wishlists. They’ve been killing it with their new home goods release too. We checked out their huge new collection and pulled out our Project 62 favorites.

One of the first things we noticed was that a lot of the Project 62 line is made up of existing products from Threshold. Like this large gold mirror, which Hannah and I both have and bought about a year ago. Hannah is using this mirror over a console table in her front entry area and I have it hung up over one of the mid-century modern dressers I refinished.

Or this super simple and timeless(LOL) wall clock that Robin has had forever:

I love the range of products in the Project 62 line, both new ones and the ones snaked from old collections, and like that you don’t need to buy a whole new living room set to make some changes to your space.

These glass wine and whiskey decanters are so beautiful and putting things into prettier containers instantly makes it look like you have your life together. Sadly, my cat George is a pro at making it look like I don’t have my life together and insists on throwing all nice things onto the ground, and those wood ball stoppers would last about two minutes in my house. So if you don’t have a demon cat and can have nice things, send me a pic so I can live vicariously through you.

glass whiskey and wine decanters project 62

I’m obsessed with this double sconce and could see it flanking a headboard, like Robin’s DIY leather tufted headboard, or a tv to bring some modern brass flair to your space. Please enjoy this terrible photoshop so you can see them together in harmony:

Swapping out small accessories on bookshelves is an easy way to spice up a room. We’re loving these ceramic vases, both the short and tall versions. I’d mix these in on my pipe shelves because I like the handmade vase style contrasting with the industrial pipes. Target sells some pipe shelves here.

pipe shelves and ceramic vases

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know I’m obsessed with giant earrings. This brass wall hanging reminded me of a lot of the giant brass earrings Madewell has been selling recently.

project 62 brass wall hanging and madewell earrings


DIY Opportunities

A few of our Project 62 favorites fell into the category of  “I bet I could make that.” Like this cotton wall hanging, which looks like it would be a simple enough follow-up project after you get your feet wet with our easy DIY rope art.

DIY rope wall art project 62 cotton wall hanging


These watercolor prints jumped out at us as another great DIY opportunity. I liked how they combined simple geometry and watercolor. I have this lined up as something fun to try this week. If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of painting your own art, just remember to keep it simple, geometric, and abstract and use only a few colors and you should be all set!

abstract watercolor project 62


What are your Project 62 favorites? Have you bought anything yet? How are you mixing it in with your current stuff? Let us know in the comments!


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