Rosé Exposé 2017: Part Two

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And Then We Tried Rosé Exposé

We’ve been busy sampling rosés in the name of science, and we’re ready to present part two of the Rosé Exposé. If you missed part one, you can read that here. We included our disclosures, but for those of you that need a TL;DR we’re reviewing every rosé we can get our hands on. Our preferences:

  1. dry rosé, not sweet
  2. under $20
  3. available in Cleveland.

Check out our thoughts on these next 10 bottles.

Rosé Exposé: Vino Rosé

Vino Rosé

Friend of the blog, Genna, had never had rosé before and she liked Vino. This is a good beginner wine.

Rosé Exposé: Vega Sindoa Rosé

Vega Sindoa Rosé

The only review you need of this is that it reminded our catholic friend of communion wine, that alone should tell you what it’s like. Cute label though.

Rosé Exposé: Aldi Plow & Press Rosé

Aldi Plow & Press Rosé

The bottle says this wine should unfold into a crisp finish and it definitely unfolds into a crisp finish. We drank this wine while watching the season premier of GoT, and it paired nicely with dragons! When we found out it was from Aldi, we tried to buy more the next day, but the Aldi closest to us didn’t have any. We’ll be exploring the area to find it this week.

Rosé Exposé: Pamp Fizz!

Pamp Fizz!

We really wanted to like this because it promised to combine our favorite citrus of the summer, grapefruit, and our bae, rosé, but the ratio was just off. It was too sweet, too grapefruity, and overall a let down.

Rosé Exposé: Montrose Rosé

Montrose Rosé

We had to add ice to this one because it wasn’t chilled enough and wasn’t great warm. It’s easy drinking and dry, however, crucially, it doesn’t pair well with Barrio tacos.

Rosé Exposé: Mas Donis Rosé

Mas Donis Rosé

Quite literally, this smells like a bowl of pasta, if you can get past that, it has a nice, fruity taste.

Rosé Exposé: La Vieille Ferme Rosé

La Vieille Ferme Rosé

This one toed the line between sweet and dry, but the overall crispness was refreshing and bumped it up in our books.

Rosé Exposé: La Perdrix Rosé

La Perdrix Rosé

This is a dry rosé you can drink in a forest. The label has a cute bird and there was a slight woodsy flavor. As fans of wood-based DIYs, this was a winner.

Rosé Exposé: Josh Rosé

Josh Rosé

This wine definitely pairs well with the Bachelorette, a cheese plate, and many other bottles of pink wine. 100% a safe choice.

Rosé Exposé: Bardolino Chiaretto Rosé

Bardolino Chiaretto Rosé

This one leaned a little sweet for our liking, and a little strong as well. Heinen’s bought the entire stock for Cleveland (apparently?) so it’s a Heinen’s exclusive. This was a generous gift of friend of the blog, Michelle’s dad. As of 7/29/17 they still had this rosé at the Bay Village Heinen’s.

Second roundup winner is Aldi, because it is amazing that they have such a nice rosé. We think it would pair nicely with their chocolate covered almonds.

If you thought we were done, don’t worry, we have many more exposés coming your way. Stay tuned for our Rosé Exposé part three. Be sure to let us know your rosé recommendations in the comments!

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