One Room Challenge Week 2: Planning and Design

We’re into week two of the One Room Challenge and it’s time to check in and see how we’re doing. If you missed week one and all the before photos, go check it out to get caught up on all the action.

This is space I’ve been meaning to get my hands on. So naturally, I started with the shopping.

one room challenge outdoor rental space

1. Outdoor Loveseat Bench 2. Blue and Gray Esme Mat 3. Embroidered Lumbar Pillow 4. Summer Goddess Mat 5. Beer Garden Picnic Table and Benches 6. Corn Hole Set 7. Home Theater Projector Screen

Since this is a rental I don’t have control over the stucco wall color. So, to liven the space up, I’m trying to bring in color through the decor. I LOVE these rug mats from World Market. They are plastic material so you can hose them off when they’re dirty, plus reversible so you get double the life out of them. Since our last one was red and a geometric pattern, I decided to switch it up and go with cool colors with floral motifs. I’m also crazy about this loveseat bench from Target. So cute and modern. It will definitely help with our seating challenge. And, finally, corn hole to give everyone an activity while we wait for the BBQ and a projector screen so we can finally hook up that projector we were given.

Once the warm glow of shopping wore off, I realized I should figure out how to fit it all in! Here is what I’m thinking for the revised layout:

rental deck layout

The grill is the only piece that is unable to move since it is by the only outlet. The picnic table also needs to stay in relatively the same location since the shade structure is located directly above. I’ll need to shift it over a touch to hopefully make room for the new corn hole set. This creates two zones on the deck: an active space by the picnic table and BBQ and a passive space with the bench set between the lime and orange trees.

What do you guys think? Let us know if you have any tricky small space or rental DIY hacks. We’d love to get tips! Next week we get down and dirty on some DIYs and hacking together a cushion to fit the bench. Stay tuned!one room challenge logoYou can follow along with all the participants with @OneRoomChallenge and #OneRoomChallenge and read all about it at Calling It Home.

See what our fellow guest participants are up to at the link up.

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