One Room Challenge Week 1: The Before

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Deck typical photo

The One Room Challenge: Spring 2017 has commenced! If you haven’t obsessed over all the bloggers who have participated in the past, here’s the quick recap: Over six weeks, 20 sponsored bloggers redecorate an entire room and post each week on their progress, design inspiration, and setbacks.

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We’ll be doing our own one room challenge over here as I attempt to freshen up my deck. The deck currently is a little cute, a little awkward, and a little bit storage all depending on where you look. On it’s VERY BEST day it can look like this:

Deck before photo

But, turn around and it looks like this:

Deck typical photo

See that awkward area and blank wall? And what’s going on with those spare boards? Since it’s so rare to get so much outdoor space as a renter in the LA area, I feel like I really need to take advantage of every square inch.

Deck typical photo

The current layout lacks a few main things:

  1. Seating: We can currently only fit whoever squishes on the picnic table. That’s usually four-to-six people.
  2. Activities: While we are usually up there to BBQ, there is currently no games or entertainment while you are waiting for the goods.
  3. Personality and color: While there a few pieces that show some style it is mainly a tan-ish rectangle without much charm.

Thankfully the string lights and awning—the hardest parts!—went up last summer so I won’t need to add those. Wish me luck and check back each Thursday for the next few weeks to see updates!

You can follow along with all the participants with @OneRoomChallenge and #OneRoomChallenge and read all about it at Calling It Home.

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