Ladies Trip to Mexico Packing List

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As much as I love a good vacation, sometimes I think I might like preparing for a trip even more. Planning activities, scheduling flights, and making packing lists is my idea of a good time. So, you better believe that ever since we decided to take this Mexico trip, I’ve been busy compiling my official Ladies Trip to Mexico Packing List.

Most people I know hate packing but for me, it just builds the anticipation of the trip. (Confession: I started my packing list two months ago.) If you’re one of those people who just dreads packing, this post from one of my favorite bloggers has some great tips.

As I mentioned last week, we’re staying at an all-inclusive resort for the first few days, then we’re switching to a regular hotel for the remainder of the trip. This gives us a chance to both lay by the pool without having to think about a damn thing other than our next drink, as well as the opportunity to take a day trip to Tulum and explore the city a bit.

So, with a general schedule of lounging by the pool, hitting the beach, a day trip to Tulum to see the ruins, and a few nights out, here are some of the new things we’ve added to our Ladies Trip to Mexico Packing List:

ladies trip to mexico packing list


  1. Extra Cheeky Bikini Bottom
  2. Trekkie Short
  3. Suede Sandal Espadrilles
  4. Cropped Tank
  5. Drawstring Backpack
  6. Floral Caftan
  7. Scoopback One-Piece
  8. Tie Dye Sundress
  9. Slide Sandals

Of course, we’re bringing more than just these nine items, but they’re a good representation of what we’re packing. Our vacation selves are all about plenty of breezy dresses, swimsuits, and fun sandals.

P.S. It took a LOT of trial and error before I landed on that J. Crew one-piece. We have an upcoming post covering all of the different options I tried out along the way. Anyone else missing Victoria’s Secret’s swimwear line?

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