The Fence Saga Part 4: Finishing Touches

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Congrats, you made it to the final fence post! We left off after Part 3 with all of the panels fully stained. Next, we(mostly my dad, I was moving dirt around) used a circular saw and Sawzall to cut down the posts to be the right height and I added a little extra stain to the top to protect the wood. The right corner of the yard was a lot lower than the left side so there was a big gap under the fence that Freddie could definitely slip under. We wedged a few extra 4×4 posts in those sections:


I stained the posts to match the fence and help them blend in and dug out a small trench on the one side to make sure the posts fit snugly under the fence.fence-bottom-gap-posts

We were able to use a scrap panel from the old fence to cover the space between my fence and my neighbors’ fence and garage. Unfortunately, before we finished this step, Freddie chased a bunny out of the yard and into the next street over. It was terrifying, but after running after him and shouting for what felt like 100 hours, he emerged from between a few houses and I was able to bring him home.


I’m going to try growing vegetables and herbs behind the garage next year! It gets a good amount of sun throughout the day, so don’t let this shade-filled photo fool you.


Here’s the finished fence!


And it matches the existing side fence pretty perfectly:


Finally, a few before and afters:

The back cornerbefore-and-after-both-fence

Old vs. new fence


After finishing the fence, we ripped out the last remaining Rose of Sharon bush from the yard and now I’m just waiting for a few new trees and bushes to arrive from the Arbor Day Foundation. The backyard looks so nice and finished now and having those few extra feet makes a huge difference.


  • Did any of you make any yard improvements this fall? or did the snow take you by surprise and ruin your plans?
  • Have any of you signed up to donate to the Arbor Day Foundation to get the free trees? When did yours arrive? Hopefully that wasn’t a sham, I want some new trees.

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