Cleveland Craigslist Favorites: Week October 21

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Cleveland Craigslist Finds

My garage is currently FULL of dressers, so I can’t scoop up any of these amazing Mid-Century pieces, but that shouldn’t stop any of you! I frequently come across expensive full mid-century bedroom sets on craigslist, but if you are looking for an individual dresser you can find great deals.

Here are a few mid century modern Cleveland Craigslist finds:

Mid Century Modern Spider Leg Brass Tray Table 


Listed at: $200

Those legs… swoon. One of the legs might need some light sanding and refinishing, but overall it looks like it is in great shape

What I’d do with this

I could see this between two chairs or as a coffee table in front of a couch.

“Very Nice Dresser”


Listed at: $110

This dresser has great lines, and I’m hoping since there is a piece of glass on top, that it means the top is in perfect condition.

What I’d do with this

Looks like it needs a little touchup around the door panels, but after addressing that, this dresser would work anywhere!

Kent Coffey dresser – Mid Century Modern


Listed at: $350

The wood grain on the doors is interesting and once again, the clean lines on any mid century dresser make them so versatile.

Mid Century Formica Table 


Listed at: $25

This one I pulled purely for the legs. You’ll pay more than $25 for clean line table legs, so if you are interested in making your own table top, this would be a great buy!

What I’d do with this

Scrap the top and build a new table top with planked boards, or in a perfect world a giant wood slab. Screw these legs onto the bottom of your new table top and enjoy! I built my coffee table with a pine round from Home Depot and some hairpin legs pulled from a bench from Amazon. Thinking about it, I might buy this and hoard the legs for a little while.


  • Clearly I have a dresser problem. I have four dressers in my garage and an empty dresser in my guest room. Any time I see a mid century dresser in the Cleveland area, I want to buy it. So one of you should get this one!
  • Once I work out an office layout, I’m filling it with dressers for cat-proof storage
  • If you buy anything here, send me a pic of how you use it!

All pictures taken from original Craigslist posts. If the Craigslist links are broken, the item sold or expired.

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