The Living Room: Before

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Welcome to the living room tour. This room features a classic Crystal Palace design choice: aggressive paint colors.

Good, Bad, Weird


  • large front window
  • built in bookshelves
  • leaded glass cabinets
  • fireplace
  • open to the dining room


  • some of the leaded glass panels are broken
  • a piece of the floor is missing/poorly patched
  • the front center window doesn’t stay open


  • awful color choices, you can really appreciate the whole house palette in these photos(see neon kitchen)
    • red built ins
    • gold fireplace
    • flesh-toned bricks
  • the fireplace doors are taped on to the fireplace
  • Linda’s decor style: ALL. THE. DEITIES.

livingroom-before-fireplace-wall-king-tut livingroom-before-fireplace livingroom-before-wall-color

livingroom-before livingroom-before-angle livingroom-before-fireplace-decals

Immediate Plans

  • paint walls
  • paint trim
  • paint fireplace bricks
  • paint fireplace doors
  • securely attach fireplace doors
  • patch floor
  • refinish floor
  • build a coffee table

Future Plans

  • repair leaded glass doors
  • buy a new couch

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