Colorful Living Room Refresh: Green Couch and Pink Rug

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So, I accidentally redesigned my living room over the weekend. How? Well, I have no self-control and I popped into Savers to look for some patio furniture for my sister and her husband and was greeted by a perfect condition Article Sven Grass Green Sofa and then my plans for my living room (and the rest of my Saturday) changed. I was initially planning on getting a brown leather sofa and some colorful accent chairs, but now I have a green couch and pink rug.Keep Reading

One Room Challenge Week 4: Cornhole DIY

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It’s week four of the One Room Challenge! This week it was all hands on deck as I attempted to build my own cornhole DIY. First, let me say if you’re not a midwesterner (or went to college there) you may not appreciate the thrill that is cornhole. And in fact, Wikipedia says, “The West-Side of Cincinnati, Ohio is considered one of the centers of the modern resurgence and renewed popularity of the game.” So having grown up and gone to college in Cincinnati, maybe that’s where I get the love. Or maybe Wikipedia is lying. Who knows?

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How to Respond to Political Emails from a Relative

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Lately, I’ve gotten pretty into the concept of being an Adult Child™. It’s a feeling you get when you realize that while you are an adult, you are also someone’s child, and in certain situations, all that matters is the child part. In this political climate, navigating the Adult Child™ waters has become more precarious than ever. My current Adult Child™ dilemma: how to respond to political emails from a relative.Keep Reading