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Got some problems you just can’t solve yourself? Or, don’t want to solve yourself? Let us handle it! Contact us with your information and we’ll get you an estimate.


If you need mood boards, full room designs, color palette suggestions, or just want some help making your space feel more like you, we’re available! No matter your location, we can work with you online to pull your space together. If you’re in Cleveland or LA, we’d be happy to come to you. We love working with your existing pieces, even if its a couch you inherited from your college apartment, and are also available to refinish and reimagine anything you don’t love.

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  • Branding and logo work
    • We’ve worked with brands of all sizes and would be happy to help you with your logo (we love working on blog logos,) business cards, custom graphics, and more.
  • Website design + support
    • We have extensive experience in WordPress including html/css, plugin recommendations, WooCommerce, and more.
  • Packaging
  • Stationary
  • Etc.
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Frustrated after not finding what you’re looking for on your go-to sites? Need an ottoman to go with your vintage loveseat? Finding that perfect item is our specialty and we’re prepared to scour the internet to find you exactly what you’re looking for.

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Want someone to tell you if those pants are flattering? Or, need help to choose between a few throw pillows? We love offering our opinions on literally anything. We might love it too much if you ask anyone around us.

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