Obsessions: 09.21.18

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and then we tried obsessions 09.21.18

Hello from Cleveland, where our professional football team has won an actual game! In other thrilling news, Hannah and Michelle have their ten-year high school reunion this weekend. If anyone has any family or medical emergencies they’ll need our help with around 8 pm on Saturday, please feel free to call and we’ll be there immediately. Anyways, here’s what we’ve been thinking about this week in our And Then We Tried obsessions.


Keto, again.

aldi grilling cheese

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Alright, so I’m back on the Keto train. Today is day four for me and I have managed to stick with it, even on a trip to Barrio. I had two Skinny Skeletons and one single chip with queso, go me. I’m struggling to come up with meals that don’t rely so much on full-fat dairy, but the heavy cream Butter Masala I made for myself last night was legit. So far, I’m eating a lot of avocados, cottage cheese, nuts, and yogurt. Aldi also has these Grilling Cheese patties now and they are so so so tasty, but they can’t be microwaved so I can’t enjoy them for lunch at work. Hit me up with your tips for vegetarian keto meal planning!

Architectural Justice

architectural justice slab yard

I went with Erika and her parents to Architectural Justice in Medina last weekend and it was AMAZING. They have a slab yard, which is what dreams are made of, and a ton of cabinets, lighting, tile, flooring, and other home stuff inside. We were able to find a counter top and backsplash for her parent’s kitchen remodel, and everyone there was so helpful. I’d love to go back and take a full tour to learn more about all the services they offer there, and to touch those slabs again. After we finished up at the design room we headed to the cafe for lunch. They use the cafe to showcase some of their products and the food was great. Erika and I both got French 77s which are now my fave bubbly cocktail.

Rally Possum T-Shirt

Rally Possum T-Shirt

So, I didn’t actually watch the game, but this possum is amazing. Whipped up some shirts for anyone who wants to show their possum pride. Grab yours here.


To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

to all the boys i've loved before

I finally watched the internet’s new favorite movie and I’m in love. Not only did I watch it Sunday night, I then watched again Monday and have been listening to the soundtrack all week. Who gave this movie the right to be so cute? I’m probs going to watch it again tonight. Also, is anyone else convinced that Noah Centineo is just young Mark Ruffalo in some sort of 17 Again situation?

Benefit Brow Contour Pro

benefit brow contour pro

I picked up this handy little tool when Michelle and I were in Boston a few weeks ago and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. We all know the importance of a well-groomed eyebrow, but I’m not exactly skilled in the makeup department. I’ve been using Glossier Boy Brow for a while and loving it, but I was ready to take my eyebrow game to the next level. Enter: this four-in-one eyebrow pencil. It has a light and dark shade for filling in your actual eyebrow, and then two shades for defining and highlighting around the brow. This foolproof tool makes it look like I actually know what I’m doing! The price tag is a little high ($34) but I think that now that I know the strategy I might be able to recreate this with cheaper products in the future.

This has been another week of And Then We Tried Obsessions, where we share whatever we’re obsessed with each week. Let us know what you’re obsessed with this week in the comments and if you see anything in the wild that you think we’d be obsessed with, be sure to tag us @andthenwetried or use #ATWTobsessions

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